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Jiffy Stand Extension Kit

-J01886 REV. 2006-11-14 JIFFY STAND EXTENSION KIT GENERAL Kit Number 50233-00 Models For model fitment information, please see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only).


With the kickstand in the "down" position, carefully remove blocks or straps holding the bike. WARNING!: This extension is only intended to improve access to the kickstand.


The pesticide supply tank should be agitated throughout the application of KICKSTAND™ PGR . KICKSTAND™ PGR should be applied at the end of the water application.

Kickstand for FLT

174 Chrome Jiffy Standto fit FLT stock as replacement. VT No. OEM Year Item 27-1694 50075-83A 1983-90 Kickstand with spring 27-1695 50075-911991-up Kickstand

GS Side-Stand Safety Interlock Bypass for Dummies (SSIBD)

GS Side-Stand Safety Interlock Bypass for Dummies V0.3 2/23/06 Page 1 of 14 GS Side-Stand Safety Interlock Bypass for Dummies (SSIBD) Purpose and Goal: This how-to guide is intended to provide instructions on how to bypass the side-stand safety interlock system found on late model BMW GS ...

Corner Cabinet Kickstand

When I was making a corner cabinet a few months ago, I discovered that the most difficult part of the project wasn't cutting the miters or even clamping the cabinet together.

bicycle kickstand assembly instructions

M6 X25 M6 X30 M6 X12 CANNONDALE USA Cannondale Bicycle Corporation 172 Friendship Road Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522 (Voice): 1-800-BIKEUSA (Fax): 814-623-6173 custserv@cannondale.com URL: http//www.cannondale. com CANNONDALE AUSTRALIA Unit 6, 4 Prosperity Parade Warriewood N.S.W 2102, Australia ...

Get Healthier, More Vibrant Turf with Quanta and KickStand PGR!

Always read and follow label directions. Quanta is a trademark and KickStand & People...Products...Knowledge... are registered trademarks of Helena Holding Company. © 2011 Helena Holding Company.

Instructions for Installing the Scootworks Front Suspension ...

The only thing left to do, after a radical lowering job, is to correct the kickstand angle. Most often, lowering the entire bike 2", or the rear down to 4", doesn't require modification to the kickstand.

New Signature Knee replacement provides ultimate custom fit

W hen Linda Clark moved to Northwest Indiana from California last year, she and her husband fully expected to explore their new neighborhoods by motorcycle—one of their favorite pastimes.