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Quick Start— All you need to start firing now! If you: • are an experienced electric kiln operator, • know how to set up a new kiln and kiln wash shelves, • know about doing the first test firing, and • know how to load your ware— you can use the following Quick Start Firing ...


appendix 8 — the wall -mounted kiln master controller appendix 8 — the wall-mounted kilnmaster controller

KilnMaster (KM) automatic kilns.

Ceramic Supplies & Solutions Since 1932 170 (800) 4-LAGUNA • (626) 330-0631 • info@lagunaclay.com • www.lagunaclay.com K I L N S Back row (L-R): KM1027, KM1227-3PK, KM1627-3PK, KM1231-3PK, KM1227-3; Front row (L-R): KM1218-3, KM818, KM714, KM614-3, KM1018.

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www.claypeople.net l people@claypeople.net l Clay is the Way -70 KilnmAsTer Made by Skutt. Wall mounted. Designed for easy use. Sealed touch pad protects controls.


Ron Linn, Ceramics Instructor at David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon recently chose the Skutt 1227 with the Skutt EnviroVent ® and KilnMaster ® controller.

RAKU KILN $495.00

KM-614 115V 11.0 x 13.5 6 $1,215.00 $1,033.00 Skutt KM-Series—KilnMaster Precision firing... Convenience...Programming flexibility! The KilnMaster line of kilns gives you two ways to achieve precise firings time after

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The two choices are the automatic KilnMaster (KM), and the manual KilnSit ter (KS). See the next page for further information on controller types.

The Skutt Oval Kiln. KM1627PK OVAL

OVAL KILN LINE KM1627PKOVAL •KilnMaster controller with zone control •Rigid fiber lid •Easy-open lid prop design •Fiber slab insert •12 leg stand with support plate •Sectional design •Three encapsulated Type K thermocouples •Four handles per section •Mercury relays •Busbar element ...

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Skutt KilnMaster Electric Kilns Skutt KM1027 with factory installed KilnMaster controller . Skutt KM Kilns: with automatic controller Model Price Width Depth Cubic feet Cone Temp.

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Equipment: Kilns Skutt KilnMaster Automatic Kiln Line KM1227-3 Phase Volts Amps Watts Cone Temp Breaker Price Ultimate production kiln.