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The kitten is placed in dorsal recumbency, and a piece of mouldable splint made in a U shape with 4-6 pairs of holes positioned so that the distance between adjacent holes is slightly greater than the width of the sternum.

Found Kittens?

Mama cats need extra calories, so give her kitten food, both dry and wet. A box with some clean, soft towels nearby may encourage her to use it as a bed for herself and her wee ones.


Forcing tablets down a feral cat or kitten causes severe trauma and can undo the taming process. Containment in Small Room Within a week the kittens should have made considerable progress although each kitten will develop at a different rate.

Newborn kittens

Dietary Requirements of the Growing Kitten Diet is extremely important for a growing kitten. There are many commercial foods specially formulated for kittens.

Raising Orphaned Puppies and Kittens

If the puppy or kitten is sucking vigorously and not getting formula you may need to get a different nipple or possibly modify the nipple you are using.

Island Cat Resources And Adoption

Island Cat Resources And Adoption A Non-Profit Humane Organization, Est. 1994 Kitten Socializing Lessons Learned by Mary Sper P.O. BOX 1093 ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 94501 voicemail: 510-869-2584 WWW.ICRAEASTB AY.ORG 1.

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In 2003 Kitten Started marketing sterilization indicators and since then no looking back. Although we are not very large company but leaders of the

Hand-Raising Orphaned Kitten(s)

2 Supplies Needed To Care of Orphan Kittens Ideal Situation Emergency Heating Pad Hot Water Bottle or Surgical Glove filled with warm water and tied Small Nursing Bottle Eye Dropper or Syringe Cotton Balls or Tissue Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Soft Fabric, Diaper or Material without loops Newspaper ...

Tips for Taming Feral Cats and Kittens

Each cat or kitten will come around at their own pace regardless of their age - although generally younger kittens socialize the fastest. You have to follow the cat at their own pace and donʼt expect too much too soon.


Kitten-proof the room before letting the kittens out. Seal up any nooks and crannies where a frightened kitten may enter and become trapped or inaccessible to you.