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Mission and values “To develop efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions in order to match always better our customers’ expectations”.

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Weiss CleanRoom Technology Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH Geräte-und Anlagenbau Greizer Straße 41-49 D-35447 Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth Telefon: +49 (6408) 846760 Telefax: +49 (6408) 848720 info@wkt.com www.wkt.com References 3D-MICROMAC ABBCALOREMAG ACIBADEM ANTIBIOTICE APONEXX APOSAN ASML ASTAMEDICA ASTRAZENECA SANOFI ...

Clean Room3- Intelligent Solutions for your Clean Room ...

Weiss Reinraumtechnik - part of an international technology group Weiss Klimatechnik and Weiss Umwelt-technik have been concerned with manufacturing equipment and systems for creating optimum air-conditioning environments for over 50 years now.

OT 3000 Turnkey Solution by WEISS

Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH Air-Conditioning Systems Greizer Straße 41-49 D-35447 Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth Telefon: +49 (6408) 8471 Telefax: +49 (6408) 848720 info@wkt.com www.wkt.com Competent Immediate Information Hygiene Technology Centre We would beglad t o advise you on: Turnkey operating theatre solutions ...

Optimized Operating Theatre Clean Air Canopies Type ULA.4 and ...

Deciding on Weiss - A Good Choice If you make decisions about OT air-conditioning equipment, whether as a hospital operator, the head of technical services, the architect, or as a special ist planner, you should always consid er a solution from Weiss Klimatechnik as one of the options.

Turnkey Clean Room Solutions

Turnkey Clean RoomS Weiss Klimatechnik provides you with system solutions and compo-nentsforallclean room applications. Weisssystemshave successfully proven themselves in loca-tionswhereclean and constant conditions are required.

Linear Diffusers INDUL - Seit 1877 Luft-und Klimatechnik Neue ...

Technical Information Linear Diffusers INDUL ® Types V...M • Proven INDUL ® technology • Flow rates from 25 to 250 m 3 /hm • ∆t up to -10 K

100% Wärmerückgewinnung Amortisation innerhalb einer ...

Seite: 2 / 13 Air 2000 GmbH Geschäftsführer Freecall+49 (0) 800 / 244 55 37 Commerzbank Amtsgericht Heusenstammer Str. 31 H.-Dieter Hombücher Telefon +49 (0) 6104 / 40982-0 Kto.


*Cool comfort is achieved through the intelligent control of the following operating functions: Quiet cool Whirlpool air conditioners ensure a peaceful, quiet home environment whilst efficiently providing cool comfort to the entire household.

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» PERSPEKTIVEN IN DER KÄLTETECHNIK Offizielles Organ des Bundesinnungsverbandes des Deutschen Kälteanlagenbauerhandwerks D I EKÄLTE + Klimatechnik INTERVIEW ¡ STAND DER ZERTIFIZIERUNGEN VON FACHBETRIEBEN