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of Knapweeds and Starthistles in the Pacific Northwest

11 Diffuse knapweed, tumble knapweed Centaurea diffusa Lam. Diffuse knapweed is normally a biennial, but may live for several years as a rosette before flowering or may continue to grow after producing seed to flower again the next year.

Meadow Knapweed

PNW0566 ( Centaurea x pratensis Thuill.) Meadow Knapweed I t is ironic, although not unique, that meadow knapweed was originally introduced as a potential forage species and is now considered a weed because of its low palatability to grazing animals.

King County Best Management Practices for Spotted Knapweed ...

King County Noxious Weed Control Program BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES King County Noxious Weed Control Program SPOTTED KNAPWEED BMP 206-296-0290 Website: www.kingcounty.gov/weeds FEBRUARY 2010, Page 1 Photo by Norman E. Rees, USDA

Knapweed Control and Eradication

Knapweed BMP, RB & SAS 4/11/00, Revised 6/18/02 Page 1 BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Meadow Knapweed - Centaurea jacea x nigra Spotted Knapweed - Centaurea biebersteinii Diffuse Knapweed - Centaurea diffusa Asteraceae Class B Noxious Weeds Description • Threatens wildlife habitat and pastures and ...

Ag and Natural Resources

WATCH OUT for Knapweed S potted knapweed is a taprooted perennial, diffuse knapweed is a taprooted biennial or short-lived perennial, and Russian knapweed is a rhizomatous perennial (all contained in the Sunflower Family).

Spotted Knapweed (Centurea biebersteinii syn

Spotted Knapweed ( Centaurea stoebe Lamarck ssp. micranthos (Gugler) Hayek syn. C. biebersteinii, formally C. maculosa ) Spotted Knapweed (Centurea biebersteinii syn

KNAPWEED INFORMATION PAGE Centaurea diffusa, Centaurea ...

KNAPWEED INFORMATION PAGE Centaurea diffusa, Centaurea virgata, and Centaurea maculosa DIFFUSE KNAPWEED ( Centaurea diffusa ): Most plants of this species live to be two to six years old and are capable of spreading only by seed.

Identification and Control of Knapweed Species in Central and ...

Identification and Control of Knapweed Species in Central and Eastern Oregon, EC 1559 (Oregon State University)


S POTTED K NAPWEED M ANAGEMENT T IPS FOR P ASTURE AND R ANGELAND ( RECOMMENDATIONS D O N OT APPLY TO T URF G RASS ) Noxious weeds are a serious environmental and economic threat in Gallatin County and Montana.

Invasive Weeds in Forest Land: Knapweeds

Invasive Weeds in Forest Land Knapweeds Centaurea spp., Acroptilon repens EC 1596-E • September 2008 Diffuse knapweed Centaurea diffusa Spotted knapweed Centaurea maculosa