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State v. Knauff

{¶1} Travis Knauff appeals his conviction for the rape of his five-year-old State v. Knauff

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PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL - NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED © 2008 Jordan, Knauff & Company Jordan, Knauff & Company 1 I N V E S T M E N T B A N K E R S 1.0 CONTACT INFORMATION OF PERSON COMPLETING THIS SURVEY {Please fill in any missing information and make any needed corrections to the right.}

Jordan, Knauff & Company, LLC Business Continuity Plan

1 Rev. 8-2008 Jordan, Knauff & Company, LLC Business Continuity Plan I. Emergency Contact Persons. The emergency contact persons for Jordan, Knauff & Company, LLC ("JKC" or the "Company") and their contact information are as follows: G. Cook Jordan, Jr. 312-254-5901 (office) 312-925-9123 (mobile ...


TRIP REPORT #P-328 Travellers : Ms. Lynn Knauff, INTRAH/PRIME Deputy Director Dr. Rashmi Asif, INTRAH/PRIME Regional Clinical Manager Mr. Vinay Kumar, INTRAH/PRIME Regional Administrator Country Visited : Yemen Dates of Trip : August ll - 28, 1996 (Asif: 8/ll-22; Knauff: 8/ll-25; Kumar: 8/l8-28 ...

Knauf Fiber Glass, GMBH

KNAUF FIBER GLASS, GMBH 1 IN RE KNAUF FIBER GLASS, GMBH PSD Appeal Nos. 99-8 through 99-72 ORDER DENYING REVIEW Decided March 14, 2000 Syllabus This decision addresses the remaining petitions for review that have challenged the revised prevention of significant deterioration ("PSD") permit ...

Those in U.S. custody deserve reliable evidence.

As with Ellen Knauff, executive officials have an obligation in the al-Marri case to disclose to the judiciary the evidence used to justify his detention.


in the district court of appeal of the state of florida fifth district july term 2006 gary knauff, appellant, v. case no. 5d06-2407 state of florida, appellee.

'It's about people'

2 * News Leader * Jan. 25, 2008 By Forrest Berkshire Editor During his four-year tenure as commande r of 6th Brigade, Col. James Knauff has focused on ways to build an organization whose success does not depend solely on its leader.

Knauf Regular Gypsum Board (RG)

Knauf Regular Gypsum Board (RG) Knauf Regular Gypsum Boards (RG) are gypsum wallboards whose front and back surfaces, and long edges, are sandwiched in a board liner.

Spatial Reasoning: No Need for Visual Information

Spatial Reasoning: No Need for Visual Information Markus Knauff 1, Corinne Jola 2 & Gerhard Strube 1 1 Center for Cognitive Science University of Freiburg knauff | strube @cognition.iig.uni-freiburg.de 2 Department of Psychology University of Zürich cjola@bwi.bepr.ethz.ch Abstract.