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KODACHROME 25, 64, and 200 Professional Film

©Eastman Kodak Company, 2005 June 2009 • E-55 TECHNICAL DATA / COLOR TRANSPARENCY FILM KODACHROME 25, 64, and 200 Professional Film DESCRIPTION KODACHROME 25, 64, and 200 Professional Films are color transparency films designed for processing in Process K-14 chemicals.

KODACHROME 64 and 200 Films

©Eastman Kodak Company, 2005 TECHNICAL DATA / COLOR REVERSAL FILM June 2009 • E-88 A-00 Month 1996 KODACHROME 64 and 200 Films DESCRIPTION KODACHROME 64 and 200 Films are color reversal films designed for processing in Process K-14 chemicals.

Kodachrome™ profiles

Copyright © 2005 Hutcheson Consulting Kodachrome profiles_07 Kodachrome™ profiles On most scanners, Kodachrome® transparencies produce a strong blue or blue-magenta cast, because the yellow dye used in Kodachrome film emulsions appears weaker through typical scanner filters than it does to ...

18. Handling and Preservation of Color Slide Collections

Choice of Color Film Is the Most Important Consideration When stored in a typical air-conditioned office environm ent (i.e., 75° F [24° C ], 50-60% RH ), the dark fading stabili ty of slides made on current Kodachrome, Fujichrome, Ektachrome, and the "improved" Agfachrome RS and CT films introduced ...

DO NOT MOUNT SLIDES - Dwayne’s Photo Slide Film Processing ...

Contents 1. Slide Film Processing 2. Prints from Slides 3. Film Order Form 4. Movie Film Processing 5. Color Film Developing and Prints 6. Reprints from Color Negs or CD

Order Forms to be saved as PDF for download by customers.

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HEMATOLOGY Hematocrit and Smear

HEMATOLOGY Morphological Abnormalities of Leukocytes and Platelets Page 21 of 21 Lab 9- Kodachrome: 17 Peripheral blood: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia ; There are a number of small, mature lymphocytes c/w CLL.


MAMA DON'T TAKE MY KODACHROME AWAY New And Better, Profiled Kodachrome Scanning By: David B. Brooks "They give us those nice bright colors They give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, Oh yeah" - Paul Simon * I*don't*know*of*any*other*film*brand*that*also ...

Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, New York 14650 © Eastman ...

Film Effect For KODACOLOR Nostalgic color EKTACHROME Vivid Vibrant saturated color KODACHROME 25 1970’s Bright natural color T-MAX Art Lustrous tone and fine grain TRI-X Photojournalism Dramatic contrast and grain Sepia Vintage reddish-brown tint


A t an elevation of 5,800 feet, the lands of Kodachrome Basin are classified as semi-desert in the upper Sonoran life zone. Plants must adapt to drought conditions and extreme temperatures.