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Rupsiabagr-Khasiyabara - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY + EIA

ntpc environmental impact assessment for rupsiabagar – khasiabara hydro electric power project doc.no.5507/999/geg/s/001 rev. no. :0 issue date : 14.12.2007 page 25 of 248


fuel type, with approximately 82% of our current capacity being coal-fired and 18% being gas fired. We have also commenced work on our first hydro powered station in Koldam, which is

Item - I Evacuation system from Chamera III HEP (231 MW).

Item-II Power Evacuation system associated with Parbati-II (800 MW) and Koldam HEP(4x200 MW) The following evacuation system from Parbati II (800 MW) as well as Koldam HEP has been agreed in the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee held on 30/12/02. ô 400 kV lines with Quad conductor from Parbati II ...

Government of India Central Electricity Authority System ...

The portion of Parbati-Koldam 400 kV S/c lines to be matched with Parbati-III would include from point of LILO of Parbati-II - Koldam for Parbati-III inter connection, to point of LILO of above lines at Parbati Pooling station(5-6 Kms).

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koldam (800 mw) koldam (800 mw) tapovan vishnugad (520 mw) tapovan vishnugad (520 mw) loharinag pala (600 mw) loharinag pala (600 mw) sipat. 2,980 mw. sipat. 2,980 mw


... mid 60s.The company applied its expertise and experience in various power projects such as Umiam I and II in Meghalaya, 2x500 MW Anpara B thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh, 1200 MW Sardar Sarovar hydroelectric project in Gujarat, 3x170 MW Teesta V hydroelectric project in Sikkim and 4x200 MW Koldam ...

3 SRIVASTAVA IEA Presentation.pptx1

(1,600 mw) vindhyachal vindhyachal gandhar gandhar koldam (800 mw) koldam (800 mw) tapovan vishnugad (520 mw) tapovan vishnugad (520 mw) rammam iii

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Our active project sites in India are located at Name of State Location of Project sites Bihar Barh Delhi Bawana Haryana Jhajjar Himachal Pradesh Hydro - (Koldam, Parbati , Rampur, Uhl) J&K Hydro - (Chutak (Kargil), Nimo Bazgo (Leh), Sewa) Punjab Bathinda, Goindwal Sahib Rajasthan Barsingsar, Chhabra, Dariba ...


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Kahalgaon Mechanical 11 Arnab Das 008588 Water Resources Engineering NHL,CC Civil Engg. 12 Sashi Bhushan Singh 817502 Construction Engg. and Management IGSTPP, Jhajjar Civil Engg. 13 Faraz Zaidi 009662 Structural Engineering Koldam Civil Engg. 14 Tadaka Srinivas 007996 Energy Studies ...