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LOCATION Kolyma Refinery , established in 1997, has its headquarters and gold refinery in the Khasyn settlement in the Magadan region in Far Eastern Russia.

Spatial and interannual variability of dissolved organic ...

Spatial and interannual variability of dissolved organic matter in the Kolyma River, East Siberia, observed using satellite imagery ClaireG. Griffin, 1,2 Karen E. Frey, 1 John Rogan, 1 and Robert M. Holmes 3 Received 20December 2010; revised 13 May 2011; accepted 1 June 2011; published 10 August ...

Extract from: Glas 3 - Women’s View

Extract from: Glas 3 - Women's View Elena Glinka, Kolyma Streetcar Translated by Andrew Bromfield Dear Editor, I have written a documentary narrative, recreating events as they actually happened without adding any personal commentary.


Arctic Foxes Alopex lagopus and Snowy Owls Nyctea scandiaca actively bred only near the Kolyma Delta and on Wrangel Island. All over the rest of the Russian tundra area Arctic Foxes were found breeding only occasionally.

Hydrological and Morphological Features of River Mouths of ...

Aplinkos tyrimai, in inerija ir vadyba, 2008. Nr. 4(46), P. 4-12 ISSN 1392-1649 Environmental Research, Engineering and Management, 2008. No. 4(46), P. 4-12 Hydrological and Morphological Features of River Mouths of Different Types (the Columbia Estuary and the Fraser Delta as Examples) Maria ...

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Kolymskoye (Lower basin: Kolyma basin Outlet) The Kolymskoye station is located above the mouth of the Kolyma River; it is here the river discharges into the Arctic Ocean.

XI-32 East Siberian Sea LME

The total river runoff exceeds 200 km 3 /year, including Kolyma (135) and Indigirka (57) Rivers. A report pertaining to this LME is UNEP (2005). I.

Protecting Spectacled Eiders AtSea

U.S. Fish&Wildlife Service area between the Indigirka and Kolyma river deltas. Eastern Norton Sound appears to be the primary molting area for females nesting on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta in Alaska, while females nesting in northern Alaska migrate to either Ledyard Bay or Mechigmenskiy Bay to molt.


from the Chersky Range, indicating some higher velocity upper mantle exists in the region of the Kolyma Omolon superterrane. Events from the eastern Sea of Okhotsk and Koryakia have somewhat positive residuals,

Saving Russia's Far Eastern Taiga : Deforestation, Protected ...

The Kolyma, Suntar-Khayata, and Cherskiy mountain ranges feed the gold-rich Omolon and Kolyma Rivers. The Chukotka and Anadyr plateaus feed the great Anadyr River, which empties into the