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Re bl. 77 199 r+2 THE SLAVONIC REVIEW Kordiö, SnjeZana. Scrbo-Croatian. Languages of the World/Materials , +8. Lincom Europa, Munich and Newcastle, I997.


cis_kordic_cerkez_en cis_kordic_cerkez_en. NOT AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT CASE*INFORMATION*SHEET* * Document*prepared*by*the*Communications*Service*of*the*International*Criminal*Tribunal*for*the ...


Case No. IT-95-14/2-T 26 February 2001 UNITED NATIONS Case No. IT-95-14/2-T Date: 26 February 2001 International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law Committed in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since 1991 Original ...

New Zealand Slavoniclournal

:,111+=:i-*i' : e"0 Published by W. S. Maney & Son Ltd ern Humanities Research r22 THE SLAVONIC REVIEW Kordiö, SnjeZana. Relatiann reöcnüa. Hrvatsko filolo5ko druSwo, Zagreb, 1995. 966 pp.Bibliography.


... Sarah Iovan, Future Executive Secretary Perry Kaufman, General Counsel Keith Kuhlman, Director of the Real Estate Management Division Brian Heanue, Director of the Accounting Division Jim Dupre, Attorney VISITORS: James K. Burgess, American Biomedical Group Inc. Marion Kordic, Marion Kordic & Association ...

Are Crimes against Humanity More Serious than War Crimes?

Kordic and Cerkez , 26 February 2001, paras 810 et seq. 4 Prosecutor v. Erdemovic , 7 October 1997. opposite opinions offer an ideal starting point for this article, which aims to examine closely the same matter.

Consortium for Mental Health Policy and Services List of ...

5 Iourieva, Lioudmilla Ukraine e-mail: andrew@online.alkar.net Islam, Hidyatullah Professor of Psychiatry Institute of Postgraduate Education Dhaka Bangladesh Ismailov, Fuad Azerbaidjan e-mail: fouad@azerin.com Kordic, Dr. Branka University of Zimbabwe Harare Zimbabwe e-mail: branka.kordic@usa.net Kuan Tsee, Prof ...

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Peggy Kordic says that in the summer she loves to walk on the beach, garden, go to flea markets and dog shows. She also loves going to the Indians games and to the July 4 th orchestra performance and fireworks on Public Square.


ENGLISH Original : ENGLISH/ FRENCH Before Judges: Claude Jorda, presiding Lal Chand Vohrah Mohamed Shahabuddeen Rafael Nieto-Navia Fausto Pocar Registry: Adama Dieng Judgment of: 1 June 2001 THE PROSECUTOR v.

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John Kordic (89-90)..... 252 13. Bob McGill (84-85).....250 14. Luke Richardson (90-91)..... 238 15.