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Tutorial: Doing Bayesian Data Analysis with Rand BUGS

Tutorial: Doing Bayesian Data Analysis with Rand BUGS JohnK. Kruschke (kruschke@indiana.edu) Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University 1101E. 10thSt., Bloomington, IN USA Before arriving, install free software from this web site: http://www.indiana.edu/ * jkkteach ...


BIOGRAPHY NEIL KRUSCHKE JR. Chief Executive Officer Neil has served as CEO of Stopol Inc. since 1990. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing and driving the overall direction of the company, developing and implementing Stopol's business strategy, sourcing new revenue streams, leading and ...

Single versus multiple systems of category learning: Reply to ...

Single versus multiple systems of category learning: Reply to Nosofsky and Kruschke (2002) F. GREGORY ASHBY andSHAWN W. ELL University of California, Santa Barbara, California Nosofsky and Kruschke (2002) argued that the single-system ALCOVE model (Kruschke, 1992) can account for the dual-task ...

Cheryl Kruschke

3311 West 96 th Avenue Westminster, CO 80031 Phone 303-460-3894 CRKruschke@aol.com Cheryl Kruschke EDUCATION Doctoral Level: Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Doctorate in Education - December, 2006 Dissertation: The Eden Alternative and Rosebud Nursing Center.

Bayesian Approaches to Associative Learning

Not deterministic as in traditional models. Learning is shifting of beliefs from less likely to more likely hypotheses. Bayes' rule specifies how. J. K. Kruschke: Active Learning

Cue competition in function learning: Blocking and highlighting

4 KRUSCHKE one trial of each of the Eand Litems, and two trials each of the I and E.Litems. In the blocking procedure, there were 10 repetitions of Train 1,10 repetitions of Train 2, and in the test phase there w as one trial of each of the training items plus one trial of each of the test items.

Newstead Town Board Meeting- June 13, 2005

Present: Gerald F. Summe, Supervisor Tom George- Councilman Harold Finger- Councilman Mark Decker- Councilman Dale Kruschke- Highway Superintendent Christine Falkowski- Building Admin.

Wisconsin Card 1

Wisconsin Card 38 Author Note 1 Anthony J. Bishara, Department of Psychology, College of Charleston. 2 John K. Kruschke, Julie C. Stout, and Jerome R. Busemeyer, Department of 3 Psychological & Brain Sciences, Indiana University. 4 Antoine Bechara, Department of Psychology, University of Southern California. ...


-1-STATE OF MICHIGAN COURT OF APPEALS CAROL KRUSCHKE, Plaintiff-Appel lant, UNPUBLISHED November 3, 2005 v No. 259601 Marquette Circuit Court JAMES R. LOVELL, M.D., and JAMES R. LOVELL, M.D., P.C., LC No. 03-040879-NH Defendants-Appe llees, and MARQUETTE GENERAL HOSPITAL, Defendant.


SECRETARIAL REFLECTIONS I would like to reflect on some observations regarding The Battle Lake Lions over the last year: Lion Marlyn Kruschke led us through one of the best financial years in our Club’s history .