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Who Are the Kunama and How Did They Become Refugees?

1 The United States has agreed to resettle a group of Kunama refugees who have been living in Ethiopian refugee camps since fleeing their homes in rural Eritrea more than 6 years ago.

Shimelba is one of two refugee camps in Northern Ethiopia ...

The group, approximately 6,880 refugees in total, is made up primarily of those from the Tigrinya, Saho, and Kunama tribes. The Cultural Orientation Regional Coordinator at JVA/Nairobi has nearly 10 years experience in the United States Refugee Admissions Program, having served at the local affiliate ...

Home Across Lands

The Kunama have been referred to the United States for resettlement because there is no other durable solution to their plight. The human rights situation remains poor in Eritrea in general and for the Kunama in particular, and for this reason the UNHCR is not promoting repatriation.


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Despite this, however, there are accusations that the Eritrean government has escalated its discrimination against some ethnic groups. 5.1 The Kunama Some members of the Kunama ethnic group have been in prison for many years. 63 Their imprisonment, however, appears to have come in response to the war and ...

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Elementary schools have been established by the UNHCR and Ethiopia's Bureau for the Affairs of Returnees and Refugees to provide classes for both the Kunama and Tigrinya speakers.

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... website at www.michigan.gov/immunize, for the following languages: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Croation (Serbian), Farsi, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Hmong, Ilokano, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Karen, Korean, Kunama ...

8/25/05 UNHCR Shimelba Refugee Camp Narratives

Around 9:30 am, Cheryl and Salem were transported to the Tigray side of the camp, followed by James, Tsegai and Gebeyehu walking out to the Kunama side of the camp.

Life in a refugee camp

THE KUNAMA The Kunama in Shimelba Refugee Camp typically live in houses made of mud bricks or mud and tree limbs. The Kunama often construct circular houses with conical roofs made of thick grasses.