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Phonology and Phonetics in Psycholinguistic Models

(2000) in Noel Burton-Roberts, Philip Carr, and Gerard Docherty (eds.) Phonological Knowledge: Conceptual and Empirical Issues. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 131-160. 6 _____ Phonology and Phonetics in Psycholinguistic Models of Speech Perception J ENNIFER F ...


STRATIGRAPHY SS2001- Notes on LECTURE 3 Sequence stratigraphy 1. Introduction Over the past several decades, carbonate facies models of ramps (Ahr, 1973; Read, 1985), shelves (Wilson, 1975; Read, 1985) and craton settings (Irwin, 1965; Shaw, 1964) have been routinely used for describing and ...

Sympathy & Phonological Opacity* John J. McCarthy University ...

*This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under grant SBR-9420424. Versions of it were presented at MIT (4/4/97), the Hopkins Optimality Workshop/Maryland Mayfest '97 (5/11/97), the LSA Linguistic Institute (7/22/97), the University of Amsterdam (9/25/97), Ohio State University ...

Launching Language: The Gestural Origin of Discrete Infinity

2 'Human language is based on an elementary property that also seems to be biologically isolated: the property of discrete infinity.'-Noam Chomsky (2000:3) 0.1 Introduction 'Discrete infinity' refers to the property by which language constructs from a few dozen discrete elements an infinite ...

MIS Training Center Tübingen

Program 2011 MIS Training Center Tübingen University Department for General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery

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Chapter 7 Robust Fitting In this chapter we discuss ways to circumvent a problem discussed in Chapter 4: that least− squares techniques are not


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The Toyota.de Car Configurator

The Toyota.de Car Configurator Hermann Hofstetter, Christian Harr, Elmedin Dedovic Human-Computer-Interaction Group, University of Constance - Germany Summary The first part of this text contains an introduction to requirements engineering, to agile modeling and extreme programming.


FK 2 001 AA Arbeitsanweisung en: Dieser Lehrbrief soll Sie mit den Gesetzmäßigkeiten der Hydromechanik und den wichtigsten hydraulischen Systemen im Flugzeug vertraut machen.

Redox eaction etween copperoxide and arbon

Ar man Alikani, 6b, 07 Redox eaction etween copperoxide and arbon Purpose: In the following experiment I am going to demonstrate a redox reaction between copper oxide (CuO) and carbon (C) .