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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass Laminated glass consists of two or more lites of glass and one or more bonding interlayer. The lites and the bonding layer are fused together through either an autoclave process or a chemical curing process.

Laminated - for Interlayers

www.saflex.com 08 81 00/SAF BuyLine 3109 Protective C o n t e n t s The benefits of laminated glass made with Saflex architectural glazing interlayer Safety Performance Security Performance Acoustic Performance

Chapter 1, Glued-Laminated Timber

Glued-Laminated Timber Figure 1.Straight members have been manufactured in lengths of up to 140 ft. Size Glued-laminated timber permits the creation of structural members that are much larger

Mechanics of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells

Mechanics of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells Theory and Analysis J. N. Reddy Department of Mechanical Engineering Texas A&MUniversity College Station, Texas, USA 77843 Second Edition CRC Press Boca Raton•New York •London•Tokyo

Laminated Glass Products With LoE™ Coatings

Laminated Glass Products With LoE ™ Coatings L AMINATED G LASS H ISTORY : Laminated glass has been in the market place since the 1930's and is currently used in the following applications: • Automotive - windshields to provide non-lacerative effects to vehicle personnel in a crash • Safety ...

A New Generation of Solid Wood Panels

Each layer is perpendicular to the adjacent layers (cross-laminated) and this leads to the first of many great ideas surrounding this product: when the lumber in each layer tries to expand or contract due to shrinkage or swelling, the adjacent layers restrain any movement.


Laminated steel is a type of "sandwiched" sheet metal that uses two layers of steel bonded together by a polymer core (see Figure 1). Consumer demand for quieter vehicles is the primary reason for using this type of material for automotive parts.

Shear Strength of Glued-Laminated Timber Beams and Panels

Shear Strength of Glued-Laminated Timber Beams and Panels Douglas R. Rammer, Forest Products Laboratory, USDA Forest Service Abstract Five sizes of glued-laminated timber beams and panels are being tested in a five-point beam-shear test configuration to determine the shear strength capacity and ...

laminated glass specs& tech

putting two and t wotogethermakes one great combo 2 L Viracon Laminated Glass is available in a wide variety of choices using tinted glass, high-performance coatings, silk-screened patterns and pigmented interlayers to provide an array of design solutions as well as the solar control options you ...


WHAT IS A LAMINATED SHIM? THE FUNCTION OF A SHIM A shim is a thin piece of metal or composite used to fill in space between components, for adjustment of fit, in a mechanical assembly.