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™ DS2 Cutoff Luminaire - SPECIFICATIONS ANTIQUE Street ...

SPECIFICATIONS ANTIQUE Street Lamps ™ DS2 Cutoff Luminaire . DS2 DS2-2 . DS2-1 2011-B W. Rundberg Lane • Austin, TX 78758 ph. (800)410-8899 • fax (512)977-9622 www.antiquestreetlamps.com Acuity Brands Lighting Co n s t r u C t i o n

Lighting LAborAtory

Lighting LAborAtory Ensuring the performances and compliance of your lamps and luminaires > Accredited tests and calibrations > Independent approach, neutral results > Compliance with all relevant standards > For a wide range of light sources and applications

Lamp Operation Basics

Dimming LFL Systems By: Shelli Sedlak, LC, Senior Specification Engineer Mike Smith, GE Lighting and Electrical Institute Specialist Introduction There are many "myths" and misunderstandings regarding dimming linear fluorescent lamps (LFL).

Phillips Ceramalux Sodium Lamp

PAR 38 ED-17 ED-2 3 1/ 2 ED-28 ED-18ED-37 E-25 One Piece PAR Ceramalux High Pressure Sodium Lamps—Bulb Shapes Approximate Lumen Maintenance, HPS Lamps * % Survival 100 90 80 70 60 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 % of rated average life * For lamps with rated average life of 24,000+ hours.

Pocket Guide to High Intensity Discharge Lamp Ballasts

4 HID LAMPS LAMP STARTING Mercury and Metal Halide Lamps Mercury and most Metal Halide lamps have an additional electrode located at one end of the arc tube to assist in lamp starting.

Economics of switching fluorescent lamps

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS, VOL. 24, NO. 3, MAYIJUNE 1988 Economics of Switching Fluorescent Lamps Abstract-Based on side-by-side cost comparison of different switch-for periods much longer than those recommended at present ing options, including a combination of parameters ...

Frequently Asked Questions Infrared Heat Lamps

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ0030-0299 OSRAM SYLVANIA National Customer Support Center Visit our website: www.sylvania. com 18725 N. Union Street 1-800-LIGHTBULB Westfield, IN 46074 USA © 2000 OSRAM SYLVANIA Infrared Heat Lamps What are the safety issues where heat or infrared lamps are concerned?

DOE New Lamp Efficiency Rules 9-2009

U.S. Department of Energy Issues New Lamp Efficiency Rules by Craig DiLouie Posted September 2009 In July 2009, the Department of Energy issued new energy efficiency standards for commercial general-service fluorescent lamps and incandescent (and halogen) reflector lamps.

TCLP Testing of Spent Lamps

OSRAM SYLVANIA 100 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923 Phone: (978) 777-1900 TCLP Testing of Spent Lamps In 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency made changes to the method by which waste is classified as hazardous.

Lamps and Ballasts Product Catalog

A-1 This latest edition of the GE product catalog has been updated to help you more easily select the GE lighting products that best meet your needs.