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The Landis+Gyr E650 Family - Overview

1 + Landis+Gyr E650 INVESTMENT PROTECTION THROUGH FLEXIBLE MODULARITY 03-11, 1 – Investment protection through flexible modularity The Landis+Gyr E650 Family - Overview Customer Segments Grid Large industrial customers Industrial customers Commercial customers Residential customers Active ...

Landis+Gyr E850

Landis+Gyr E850 (ZMQ200) is our latest high precision meter for all grid metering applications and provides increased cost-effectiveness and process efficiency in the metering of large energy quantities.

With Landis+Gyr as your trusted partner, you can manage ...

Our promise to you We have translated our unique understanding of utilities into energy management solutions that enable you to manage demand with increased precision and reliability.

Landis+Gyr Product Update

Landis+Gyr Product Update 07-0215-1 Product: Altimus AX Subject: Phase Out of the Altimus AX Date: February 15, 2007 Description: Landis+Gyr is announcing the phase out of the Altimus AX Advanced Function Single-Phase meter.

Commercial & Industrial Metering

Landis+Gyr - Your Smart Grid Partner 2800 Duncan Road Lafayette, IN 47904 U. S. A. Phone: 765.742.1001 Tech Support: 800.777.2774 FAX: 765.429.0936 www. landisgyr. com/na Landis+Gyr offers a combined portfolio of advanced metering and smart grid automation solutions to utilities in more than 30 ...

Contact: Gary Holloway

Contact: Gary Holloway. Market Manager (856) 794-8653. gholloway@vinelandcity.org. October 12, 2010. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. VINELAND’S LANDIS MARKETPLACE ADOPTS LOGO

Landis + Gyr around the globe

A SIGNIFICANT role awaits Landis+Gyr in one of the largest ever deployments of smart meters in the United States. California utility Pacific Gas & Electric Company has awarded Landis+Gyr a four-year contract to supply a major portion of the planned deployment of more than five million advanced ...

Landis' Lives are Beautiful

Change is inevitable. Families make choices. People grow. Boomers age and the medical industry advances. These are only some of the factors responsible for the transition Dr. Gregory and Debra Landis have made in their lives.

Landis+Gyr Credit Metering Product Portfolio

Electromechanical Meters An electromechanical meter employed in single phase, two-wire low voltage networks rated at 20(80)A. The meter's magnetic bearings drastically reduce the need for maintenance, and easy access to adjustments allows quicker and simpler calibration.

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