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Layers Of The Earth Model

Earth's Layers

ATEP ©2008 UAF Geophysical Institute B-1 Earth's Layers Grades 5-8 T S U N A M I Overview: During this lesson, students learn about Earth's layers by making a clay model.

Clay Model Earth

Teacher Instructions Clay Model Earth Ola Ka Honua: Volcanoes Alive 43 ©2001, 2007 UAF Geophysical Institute Overview: During this lesson students will learn about Earth's layers by making a clay model.

3-D Earth Structure Model

Photograph of a completed 3-D Earth model made from modeling clay. The model has been cut in half so that the inner layers (spherical shells) are visible.

Lesson: The Earth's Layers

To teach the students about the different layers of the earth and each layer's thickness. 5. Use a Styrofoam ball and paint to construct a cross-section model of the earth.

A Scale Model of Earth's Atmosphere

Objective: To compare the layers of the Earth's atmosphere to the distances of certain objects. ... Also, it is a model of Earth's atmosphere and the Moon is not located in Earth's atmosphere.

Layers of the Earth

Activity: The Earth Bowl  Students will construct a model of the Earth's layers by using Jello.  Introduce the activity by telling students that they are going to "make" the layers of the Earth.  The directions are on the slide, so the students will be able to read them as they move along with ...

Earth’s Layers Project Name - o A Booklet

The four Main layers of the Earth (crust, mantle, inner core, and outer core). – 4 points /4 The four layers are clearly labeled on the model or color

A Model of Earth's Atmosphere

Layers of the Atmosphere Name_____ Lab Activity Instructions Date_____ A Model of Earth's Atmosphere Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to draw a model of the four layers of Earth's Atmosphere.

Information About Layers of the Earth

For this project you will make a 3-D model of Earth's four layers: crust, mantle, outer and inner core. Use a variety of materials, based on good science, to accurately demonstrate the different layers.

Earth's Interior Layers

Some examples:--Locating earthquake epicenters--Structure and characteristics of Earth's layers--Plate Tectonics: boundaries and ... Today, we have a model of an Earth consisting of concentric layers arranged somewhat as shown in this diagram.