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Qualitative Approaches to Classroom Research with English Language ...

applied linguistics today (e.g., Bailey & Nunan, 1996; Davis & Lazaraton, 1995; Duff, 2002b; Lazaraton, 2000, 2003). Naturally, quantitative research still plays an

Quantitative Research Design for Language and Linguistics

Educational Researcher, 34 (8) 14-20. Lazaraton, A. (2000). Current Trends in Research Methodology and Statistics in Applied Linguistics. TESOL Quarterly, 34 (1) 175-181.

CHAPTER 7 A meta-synthesis of qualitative research on effective ...

In a 1995 special issue of the TESOL quarterly, Lazaraton (1995) suggested that the number and quality of qualitative studies in second language learning was


process of second language acquisition within the socio-cultural context in which it occurs (Lazaraton, 1995) -- whether it be in the classroom (e.g., Duff, 1995; Ohta ...

Fall 2004 Prof. Jane Zuengler

Rdg: Lazaraton; Peck; Goodwin Week 6 TEACHING READING 10/5; 10/7 Rdg: Ediger; Weinstein; Grabe and Stoller Week 7 TEACHING WRITING 10/12; 10/14

Cognitive and Sociocultural Perspectives: T wo Parallel SLA Worlds?

Lazaraton, A. (2003). Evaluative criteria for qualitative research in applied linguis-tics: Whose criteria and whose research? Modern Language Journal, 87, 1Ð12.

LLT 307 – Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Lazaraton Th 2/26 Continued NOTE: Online discussion – class does not meet Goodwin Peck ANGEL discussion 2 Tu 3/3 Interaction in ESL classrooms

1 Menard-Warwick, J. (in press). The cultural and int ercultural ...

1.5 immigrant students. Finally, Lazaraton (2003) emphasizes a lack of cultural knowledge in chronicling NNESTs’ attempts to answer ESL student questions.

Cur rent Perspectives on T eaching the Four Skills

matics (Hinkel, 2001; Lazaraton, 2001; McCarthy & OÕKeeffe, 2004). Integrated and multiskill instruction usually follows the principles of

The focus group interview

however, have tended to lean heavily towards the quantitative paradigm (Lazaraton 2000; Seedhouse 2005). Thus, the impact of the focus group interview as a research tool