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Epping Forest Swim Team 2007

Coaches: Allison Palmer (703-8558), Josh Pearson and Steve Lazaraton are all returning for another great summer!. New coaches this summer are Blair

Developing speaking assessment tasks to reflect the ‘social turn ...

advocate the former approach include Lazaraton (1996b), who detailed the introduction of interlocutor frames to CASE, and Morton, Wigglesworth and Williams (1997), who ...

Sept 04 yhc

Generally speaking, AND occurs much more frequently in speech production than in written production. In her pilot study, Lazaraton found that


Professor Anne Lazaraton, currently at the University of Minnesota, is a pioneer of qualitative research in language testing and her involvement dates back to the

Standard error vs. Standard error of measurement

[For more on regression analysis, see Brown, 1988, or Hatch and Lazaraton, 1991]. We assume that any student's predicted Y score is our best estimate of that ...

Heritage Languages Stanford University linguist 142/242

International Conference on Language Teacher Education,M.AndersonandA.Lazaraton(eds.). Minneapolis, MN: Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition. 155–175.

LLT 307 – Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Lazaraton, A. (2001).Teaching oral skills. In M. Celce - Murcia (Ed.), Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (pp. 103 - 115). Boston: Heinle & Heinle.

Sociopragmatic Norms in Québécois On-line Personal Advertisements

see Hatch and Lazaraton (1991, ch. 14). 3. Structure of personal advertisements . Advertisers on Netclub.com respond to numerous questions about their social identity,

Is explicit vocabulary focus the reading teacher’s job?

Lazaraton (2004) carefully analyzed 3 hours of one ESL teacher’s use of gestures in accomplishing vocabulary explanations. Slimani (1989) examined whether student ...

BUTLER Research methods in the study of language modified plan

Lazaraton (1991) The Research Manual: Design and Statistics for Applied Linguistics. Boston: Heinle & Heinle. [Fairly high level treatment, with many useful examples.]