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Any subset of one of these sets is also sum-free, and so there are two large families of sum-free subsets of $\{1, \ldots, n\}$, both of size $\gg 2^{n/2}$.

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We define edges of $B\Gamma_n$ by declaring point $(p)=(p_1,p_2, \ldots,p_n)$ and line $[l]=[l_1,l_2, \ldots,l_n]$ to be adjacent if and only if the following $n-1$ relations on their coordinates hold: \begin{align*} p_2 + l_2 &= f_2(p_1,l_1) \\ p_3 + l_3 &= f_3(p_1,l_1,p_2,l_2) \\ \quad \ldots & \quad ...

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Vvsakiekipije 5 igralcev\ldots \end{sitquote} DVI Ko枚arka je枚port, kiseigrameddvemako枚ema. Vvsakiekipi je 5igralcev... Bor Plestenjak 2006 18

\usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage ...

Let $$D=P_1+\\ldots+P_n,$$with$P_i\neq P_j$for$i\neqj$, be the associated divisor. Let $$E=\sum_{j=1}^sm_jQ_j,$$ with$m_j\geq 0$and$\summ_j=m$, bean\F-divisor such that, with $\cQ=\{Q_j\midj=1,\ldots,s\}$, $$\cP\cap\cQ=\emptyset.$$ Let$L(E)=$be the space of functions associated to$E$.

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... FinvO\triangledown ~ \heartsuit | \jmath a \Game 4 \triangle \spadesuit '\ell ~\hbarM\vartriangle 路路路\cdots RRRR \iiiint}\hslash\blacklozenge... \vdots RRR \iiint \lozenge \blacksquare... \ldots RR \iint f \mho N \blacktriangle... \ddots] \sharp 0 \prime H \blacktrinagledown = \Im [\flat \square 8 \backprime < \Re \ \natural p \surd s ...

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(x 1 +x 2 +... +x m) n = X a 1 0,...,a m 0 P m i=1 a i =n n a 1,...,a m x a 1 1 x a 2 2 路路路x a m m = n X r=1 X a 1 1,...,a r 1 P r i=1 a i =n n a 1,...,a r X S2 ({1,...,m} r) S={s 1,...,s r} r Y i=1 x a i s i. \begin{align*} (x_1+x_2+\ldots+x_m)^n =&\; \sum_{a_1\ge 0, \ldots, a_m\ge 0\atop\sum_{i=1}^ma_i=n} \binom{n}{a_1, \ldots, a_m}x_1^{a_1}x_2^{a_2}\cdotsx_m^{a_m}\\ ...

The Harvard Family of Bibliography Styles

As an example of its use \possessivecite{latex}description of this feature is\ldots produces Lamport's (1986) description of this feature is... 2

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L A T E X $$ X= \left(\begin{array}{ccc} x_{11}&x_{12}&\ldots\\ x_{21}&x_{22}&\ldots\\ \vdots&\vdots&\ddots \end{array}\right) $$ DVI X= 0 @ x 11 x 12... x 21 x 22..... 1 A Bor Plestenjak 2006 31

\documentclass[handout]{beamer} \usepackage{pgfpages ...

\begin{frame} \frametitle{Definition} \begin{defn} $P(k_1, k_2, \ldots k_n)$ is a pretzel link if it is the sum of tangles $k_1, k_2, \ldots, k_n$ with $k_i \geq 1$.