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It does not understand L A T E Xatall, soL A T E Xcommandshaveto be translated into equivalent or similar HTML entities by our converter. 4.1.1 Formulae This refers to everything that is enclosed by an equation environment (like $\ldots$, 'eqnarray', etc.).

Computational Platforms for VASP

Amdahl'sLaw 1967 speedup: s t 1 tN t 1 ldots serial time tNldots time for N CPU's Amdahl'sLaw s N BN 1 B B %of algorithm that is serial it exists an upper limit on the number of CPU'sforagivenproblemsize scale the problem with thenumerof CPU's use fast Computers with a good price performance ratio R. L ORENZ, "C OM ...

LaTeX curricula vitae with the CurVe class

For instance, to include an"education"rubric, you must write it to a file named education.tex and include it, as shown in the example, with the\makerubric command. 2.2.2 Therubricsource files \begin{rubric}{Professional Experience} \subrubric{Research} \entry * [2004 \ldots] OOandMeta Programming in ...

Welcome to the deleq package!

To illustrate the use of \arrlabel{Demo2}above, we here ma kea reference toit: ... in equations 3... which was created by typing '\ldots{}in equations \ref{Demo2}\ldots'.

Radio Shack’s Griffin: BPL is biggest tech ever

Radio Shack's Griffin: BPL is biggest tech ever FTTH, WiMax to rely on in-home BPL September 16, 2005 "Of all the transformational technologies I have been involved with over the years&ldots; this is the most exciting event that we've had, period," said Peter Griffin.

Punctuation Cheat Sheet

... ellipses \ldots ~ small tilde \~{} ^ caret \^{} underscore/understrike \_ - hyphen - { en-dash --| em-dash ---/ slash/stroke / n backslash \textbackslash


Dots to get you type notes x 1, x 2, : : : , x n $x_1$, $x_2$, $\ldots$, $x_n$lower dots f (x 1; x 2; : : : ; x n) $f(x_1,x_2,\ldots,x_n)$ lower dots x 1 +x 2 + +x n $x_1+x_2+\cdots+x_n$ centered dots xy $x\cdoty$ centered dot x y $x\circy$ centered circle... $\vdots$ vertical dots... $\ddots$ diagonal dots _ x $\dotx$ dot math accent x ...

Appendix: Code (Group 17) Wireless/Sensor Module

... Latch the control register data disp_rs <= 1'b0; // Select the dot register disp_ce_b <= 1'b1; dot_index <= 639; ldots <= dots; state <= state+1; end 8'h06: begin // Load the user's dot data into the dot register disp_ce_b <= 1'b0; disp_data_out <= ldots[639]; ldots ...

Machine of the month - archive features!

Hmm&ldots; perhaps they got Triumph to design that bit? Controlling the ups and downs was a new design of adjustable damper bearing the legend 'FVQ'.

Title 表紙・目次 Author(s) Citation 数理解析 ...

多変数連立非線形方程式の根の自動探索法 ( $\delta$ 関数法) $\ldots\ldots\ldots\ldots...\cdots\ldots..\cdots\ldots..1$ 渡辺二太 (Tsuguhiro WATANABE, 核融合研) 赤尾英毅 (HHideki AKAO, 日本電気) 2.