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L E A N N E G R I M E S EDUCATION 2011 Master of Fine Arts, University of Washington , Seattle, WA 2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 2006 Certificate, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphi a, PA SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 ...

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Young busy mums and their supportive college mates 4% of all adults; 8% of adult women Leanne - 4

Leanne Collins

Leanne Collins Computer Skills Software - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Toast, Acrobat Hardware - Mac and PC, scanners, digital cameras, printers Work Experience MassMutual Financial Group .

The Unconscious Confusions Of Christian Jungianism

This article by Leanne Payne and Kevin Perrotta first appeared in Pastoral Renewal in 1988. At that time the authors were deeply concerned with the growing impact of Jungian thought on the Episcopal and Roman Catholic renewal movements of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Project: Upgrade Computer Lab

Project: Upgrade Computer Lab IT Project Fabian Martina, Leanne Galletta, Michael Bailey, Joseph Vince, Salvador Sobreyra Project: Upgrade Computer lab By Fabian Martina Leanne Galletta Michael Bailey Joseph Vince Salvador Sobreyra

Mark Pertuit, President Ministries of Pastoral Care, Inc . P ...

Leanne Payne Newsletter 2009 2 Copyright © 2009 - Pastoral Care Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 1313 • Wheaton, IL 60187-1313 fax (630) 510-7659 www.LeannePayne. org For the long and steep ascent of life, our Father has given us a companion…even Jesus our Lord….He has passed along our pathway ...

Leanne’s School of Dance

Leanne's School of Dance REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2010 Thursday, July 29th 3-8p.m. 249 E. Washington Street, Marengo, IA 52301 Child's Name _____Age_____ Birth Date _____ Parent's Name _____ Address_____City ...

Leanne Soochan

Leanne Soochan Toronto, Ontario, Canada 416.293.3912 leanne.c.sc@gmail.com www.leannesoochan.com OBJECTIVE To develop as an artist, performer and entertainer; to make a meaningful impact in Toronto's thriving art community.

Renouncing False Gods and Appropriating the Holy

For more on this, see "The Unconscious Confusions of Christian Jungianism," parts 1 and 2, by Kevin Perotta and Leanne Payne, Pastoral Renewal, April and May 1988.