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Raisbeck Systems 2011 Edition

Raisbeck Systems for Learjets ..... 3 ZR LITE Performance System for 31 Series Learjets .....


raisbeck zr-lite and aft fuselage lockers installed on learjets . december 2011

The Raisbeck Wing

Our 2008 deliveries world-wide have totaled 547 Raisbeck Syst ems of various types, installed on over 100 new King Airs prior to delivery to their first owner, and retrofitted on 282 King Airs and Learjets at our installation centers world-wide.

The Citation Encore's successor has Learjet-like performance

Learjets also have electrically driven aux hydraulic pumps that provide backup power for landing gear, wheel brakes and flaps. There is no such backup aux system aboard the CJ4 and Phenom 300.

CEOs' Personal Use of Corporate Jets Holding Steady as Costs Rise

CEOs' Personal Use of Corporate Jets Holding Steady as Costs Rise FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, Maine; March 30, 2010 - A new report from The Corporate Library, an independent corporate governance research firm, concludes that expenses related to CEOs' personal use of corporate aircraft ...

Comparison of Physical Characteristics

Manufacturer Model. Comparison of Physical Characteristics Manufacturer Bombardier Cessna Cessna Raytheon Bombardier Cessna Model Learjet 35A CJ2+ Bravo Beechjet Learjet 31A Citation -Encore Designation LR-25 LR-35A CE-525A CE-550 BE-400A LR-31A CE-560 Yearbook 1993 2005 2000 2000 2000 2000 ...


Many have had Learjets for more than two decades. Some people told us they didn't consider buying anything else because they were comfortable with Learjet performance, systems, maintenance requirements and product support.

Focus on Florida Jet

This is because in addition to Florida Jet Center's Part 145 repair station, Terry runs a Part 135 charter company, Florida Jet Service, that operates three Learjets, a Gulfstream and a helicopter.

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Line Technician - Entry-level

We are known in the Southeast as an FBO and for our maintenance of Corporate and General Aviation aircraft specifically Hawkers, King Airs, Learjets, and Citations and are a Designated Alteration Station (DAS).