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Welding floor coverings with Leister.

Leister delivers performances . Wherever you need to apply heat, Leister provides the ideal solution. We have been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot-air blowers for over 50 years.


1 LEISTER Drive GB OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS LEISTER TriacDrive consists of - Drive unit - Hot air blower, TRIAC PID or TRIAC S - Supporting carrier - Pressure roller - Overlap welding nozzle - Guide handle • With the drive unit, Drive, overlap welding using the compact TriacDrive tool is ...

LEISTER Varimat Hot Air Automatic Welding Machine

1 LEISTER Varimat Hot Air Automatic Welding Machine Please read operating instructions carefully before use and keep for further reference. GB OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ® LEISTER Varimat Automatic Overlap Welding Machine •For overlap welding of roofing membranes made of PVC, PE, ECB, EPDM, CSPE ...

LEISTER Triac S Hot Air Blower

1 LEISTER Triac S Hot Air Blower Read operating instructions carefully before use and keep it for further reference. • Welding of thermoplastic materials as well as single-ply flexible plastics and

Leister LHS SYSTEM Air Heater

OPERATING Leister LHS SYSTEM 3 Installation •When installing the tool, ensure that: - only cold air is supplied - no (hot air) back pressure develops - the tool is not subjected to a hot air flow from another tool •The tool is protected against mechanical vibration and shaking.

Welding thermoplastics with hand held

590 Fish Road Tiverton, RI 02878 Toll Free: (888) -807-4030 Fax: (401)-624-3081 www.malcom.com Welding thermoplastics with hand held welding tools LEISTER-LABOR "S" (WITHOUT BLOWER) WITH CONNECTION BOX Weight: 5 oz Length: 7" LEISTER-DIODE (WITHOUT BLOWER) Weight: 14 oz Size: 10 ...

LEISTER LE 3000 ElectricHot Air Tool

Danger! When opening up the tool, live components and connections are exposed. Therefore, before opening it, unplug the tool to ensure disconnection from the mains.

Leister MISTRAL Hot-Air Blower

1 Leister MISTRAL Hot-Air Blower Please read the operating instructions carefully before use and keep for future reference. The Leister hot-air blower MISTRAL is suitable to build into machines or tools.

A new era in PVC welding

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice Leister Process Technologies Headquarters and Manufacturing Sarnen, Switzerland Leister Technologies GmbH Aachen, Germany Leister Technologies LLC Itasca, IL, USA Leister Technologies Ltd. Shanghai, Chin a www.leister.com WELDPLAST S2 PVC / ENG /107.655/ 09 ...

LEISTER Welding-Pen A LEISTER Welding-Pen S

The LEISTER Welding-Pen A and S are hot air tools that can be installed for continuous operation. They have an ergonomic shape and are light weight what makes them suitable as hand tools as well as for the installation into machines and vent constructions.