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Processing Methods for Dry Peas, Lentils & Chickpeas

Each variety of pea and lentil has precise standards for size, color, and other factors. Storing each crop type separately from the others results in better quality and uniform ity.

USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council

take your Pulse June 2011 v Vol. I, No. 2 USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council Glyphosate Use in 2011 Growers, talk to your processor! Worldwide Weather Woes What's the weather doing around the globe?

Agronomic Information

North Dakota State University NDSU Extension Service Lentil Author: Randy Sell , Research Assistant Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU Series Editor: Dwight Aakre , Farm Mangement Specialist NDSU Extension Service Lentil is one of the oldest known food crops.

SPG Pulse Production Manual Web Version

7/ Lentil Seeding Rate Target 12 plants/ft 2 (130 plants/m 2). (40 lb/ac or 45 kg/ha, Eston) (53 lb/ac or 60 kg/ha, CDC Richlea) (80 lb/ac or 90 kg/ha, Laird).

Lentil Green Manure as Fallow Replacement in the Semiarid ...

Reprinted from Agronomy Journal Vol. 89, No. 6 Lentil Green Manure as Fallow Replacement in the Semiarid Northern Great Plains Joseph L. Pikul, Jr.,* J. Kristian Aase, and Verlan L. Cochran ABSTRACT Green manures (GM) may offset inorganic N needs and improve soil quality.

Diseases of Chickpea, Lentil, Pigeon Pea, and Tepary Bean in ...

Diseases of Chickpea, Lentil, Pigeon Pea, and Tepary Bean in Continental United States and Puerto Rico


416* YADAVETAL. 1. INTRODUCTION Lentil, the seed of Lens culinaris Medik (previously Lens esculenta Moench. Ervuin lens), is a small annual of the vetch tribe.


PEA AND LENTIL HANDBOOK Chapter 7 Dockage-Free Lentils 12/31/02 Page 7-1 7.1 DEFINITIONS Dockage-Free Lentils. Lentils from which the dockage has been removed.

Crop Profile for Lentil in Montana - Acreage, Yield, and ...

Crop Profile for Lentil in Montana Prepared: February 2002 General Production Information LENTILS Acreage, Yield, and Production, Montana, USA Click Here to View a Table of Lentil Production Figures For Montana Counties

Producing Better Quality Red Lentils

Since those days, more research and development has gone into the red lentil crop for a very good reason - they are not green lentils! In many ways, red lentil should be conside red a completely different crop compared to green lentil.