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APPLICATION NUMBER: LW/07/0905 ITEM NUMBER: 6 APPLICANTS NAME(S): ALDI Stores Ltd PARISH / WARD: Lewes / Lewes Bridge PROPOSAL: Planning Application for Demolition of existing warehouse and erection of a retail food store with office accommodation at first floor with associated car parking ...

iF you HAven'T Been To THe oTHeR side, you'Re MissinG HALF ...

Lucky 7 Atlantic City Tours Adults: $14; Available every Weds and Thurs, 6/15-8/25. Departing from Lewes at 9:15am Historic Lewes Guided Trolley Tour 6/14-9/15 Tues, Weds, Thurs. Adults: $25, Children 6-13: $18, Children under 6: FREE 9:30am and 11am departures from Cape May.

Lewes Conservation Area Appraisal pages 80 to 99

APPENDIX 1 THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF LEWES View eastwards from Lewes Castle It is generally accepted that the town of Lewes was founded at the end of the 9th century by King Alfred, as one of a network of burghs or fortified settlements.

Report To the Board of Public Works of the City of Lewes, DE

Report To the Board of Public Works of the City of Lewes, DE Analysis of Available Options for Providing Cost-Effective Utility Services June, 2011 Prepared by: J.W. Wilson & Associates, Inc. and Whitfield Russell Associates

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The Sailing Committee and the Sailors at Lewes Yacht Club are taking up the challenge to make Lewes Yacht Club one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the Nati onal Sailing Hall of Fame.


ALL SAINTS Friar's Walk, Lewes John Houghton© All Saints Arts & Youth Centre 1991 All Saints Arts and Youth Centre (Lewes) Reproduced from the original drawing ©Moira Hoddell ARCS, first published in THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, December 1983 ALL SAINTS IN LEWES THE EARLIEST CHURCH Folk Legends die ...

Year-Round Rental List January 6, 2012

$950 per month plus utilities and Lewes 5% Rental Tax= $997.50/month Available NOW! Queen Ann Pier– No Pets 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo. Community has Laundry Facility.

North Street Car Park, North Street, Lewes, East Sussex

North Street Car Park, North Street, Lewes, East Sussex An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment for Sussex Police Authority by Heather Hopkins Thames Valley Archaeological Services Ltd Site Code NSL05/113 July 2008

DRAFT Lewes Zoning Ordinance

DRAFT Lewes Zoning Ordinance October 20, 2010 L EWES C ITY O FFICIALS Mayor and City Council James L. Ford, III, Mayor Stephanie A. Tsantes, Deputy Mayor Theodore W. Becker, Councilperson Victor Letonoff, Councilperson Barbara W. Vaughan, Councilperson Planning Commission Commissioners Michael B ...

The Bulletin - George ELHINN’S ECLOGUE

The Bulletin News from THE ROTARY CLUB OF LEWES April 2009 Editor : Peter Oldfield