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Lichen Kingdom And Phylum

Kingdom Fungi: Eukaryotic. Multicellular heterotrophs. No ...

Mushrooms, fungi, molds, lichen; mostly land, freshwater, or highest supratidal organisms: keep algae moist. ... Kingdom Animalia: Eukaryotic. Multicellular heterotrophs. Phylum Porifera : Sponges.

Expected Fungi Species of Saskatchewan by Ecoregion February ...

Incertae sedis (Phylum: Mitosporic fungi) Family Lepraria neglecta Zoned dust lichen S1 D01 - Black Birch Plain Kingdom FungiAscomycota Phyllum Class Ascomycetes

Phylum Mollusca

Molluscan Radiation •There are approximately 128,000 living species in phylum Mollusca (35,000 are extinct) •The great morphological diversity is the result of elaboration on the basic body plan (HAM)

Lab 7: Exploring the Fungi Kingdom

... Lab 7: Exploring the Fungi Kingdom Objectives: • Identify the structural characteristics typical of ... are considered to be "imperfect" fungi • Classify a variety of local fungal specimens by phylum or ... Cells and structures to recognize: algal cells, fungal hyphae, thallus Slides: lichen ascocarp ...

Kingdom Fungi

... Kingdom Fungi ... our local oyster mushroom) some have mutualistic relationships with other organisms lichen = fungus ... 18 Phylum Ascomycota - 45,000 species - Most yeasts, truffles, morels Great diversity - includes ...

Plant kingdom notes

... Protista, which is made up of protists (single-celled creatures invisible to the human eye); Fungi, which is made up of mushrooms, mold, yeast, lichen, etc; and Monera, which is made up of the three types of bacteria. The next category is the Phylum. There are several phyla within each kingdom.


Classification categories: Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species b. ... Via Shapes lichens are classified into three groups 1. Crustose 2. Foliose 3. Fruticose iii. Lichen and air quality

Protista & Fungi

Kingdom Protista The diversity of protists is so great that they posses few characteristics in common. ... Phylum Characteristcs Examples Rhizopoda possess pseudopods (false feet); lack meisois and sexual ... Obtain a prepared slide of a lichen section. Note the algal layer.

OPAL Air Survey

The kingdom Fungi Kingdom: Phylum: Phylum: Fungi Ascomycota Basidiomycota The fungal kingdom includes several groups, but only two contain larger fungi: spores are ... but not crusty). brown lichens dry Watch out for those that change colour when wet (colours given in field guides generally refer to the dry lichen). ...


Mushrooms, fungi, molds, lichen; mostly land, freshwater, or highest supratidal organisms: keep algae moist. Protista kingdom; Phylum Brown Algae; Diatom Autotrophic with brown accessory pigments.