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Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, 5 (5), 1-13. Moreman, Shane T. (2009). Memoir as performance: Strategies of hybrid ethnic identity.

Publication of the College of Pastoral Leaders

So we are pilgrims in the College, our experience shaped by communitas and liminalities. COMMUNIT AS Publication of The College of Pastoral Leaders 2005 Volume 2 Editor: Janet Maykus Editorial Board: Whit Bodman, Allan Cole, Cynthia Rigby, and Randal Whittington Communitas: Publication of The College of ...

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Performance and Pedagogy Editor, Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies (December 2006 – present) Special Issue Editor, Text and Performance Quarterly (projected 2011)


They live in the liminalities between both worlds. They belong because of a personal commitment and loyalty and not because of a total acceptance by the host culture.

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36 1. Arantes, A. The War of Places: Symbolic Boundaries and Liminalities in Urban Space // Theory, Culture and Society, Vol.13, N4, November 1996, pp. 81-92.

Symposium Agenda

His work has been published in Liminalities; Text & Performance Quarterly; and Battleground: Women, Gender, & Sexuality. Go to first page | Go to Agenda

Trans, Pan, Inter: Cultures in Contact

... The Bildungsroman as a National, Transnational and International Genre (Friday, April 20 th) Docile Subjects: The Bildungsroman and the Rise of (The Irish Free) State in Joyce, Beckett, and O'Brien Michael Moses , Duke University The Bildungsroman and Postmodern Subject: Narrative Liminalities and ...

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“internal liminalities.” Gillespie insists that cultural boundaries must be defined by the writers themselves. Theo D’Haen and Anders Pettersson


... on three topics: a) marginal sexualities and national identity: modernity and citizenship in the representation of sexuality; b) images and self-images of the queer subject: homophobia, machismo, and queer body on the public arena; c) queer rhetoric: (de) naturalization, performance and liminalities.

Jake Simmons Curriculum Vitae

Under publication review with “Liminalities: A Journal of Performance St udies” [Provisional acceptance with addition of scholarly essay] Simmons, Jake.