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Lithuania: Jewish Family History Research Guide

Genealogy Institute DS 135 .L5 G73 Lithuanian Jewish Communities: Records 1844-1940, mostly 1919-1926. Records of communities outside Vilna. Miscellaneous communal records, including pinkasim (registers) of the communities, societies, and burial societies (mainly Kovno).

Lithuanian Patient Safety Platform 2010-2014

Vaida Momkuviene State Medical Audit Inspectorate under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania TCN network meeting 24 November 2010 Lithuanian Patient Safety Platform 2010-2014


begun, a kind ofcultural leavening. First for this work in Lithuanian were Stanislovas Rapalionis and Abraomas Kulva-Kulvietis in Königsberg, 3 who dedicated their lives to translation of religious literature into Lithuanian.


lithuanian american genealogy and family history presented by frank ziaukas 130 south 22nd street, 1-d pittsburgh, pa 15203 (412) 381-5502 on february 8, 1997 for the western pennsylvania genealogical society revisions made for presentation of lithuanian american genealogy and family history at ...


The remaining 18.9 percent was divided among Russians (8.5 percent), Poles (7.0 percent), Belarusians (1.5 percent), Ukrainians (1.0 percent), and others, including Jews, Latvians, Tatars, Gypsies, Germans, and Estonians (0.9 percent)…The proportion of the ethnic Lithuanian population--more than 90 ...

The Lithuanian Language

3 Due to their similar political situations and historical development in the 20 th century, the three Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - are often treated as sisters, and referred to as Baltic countries.


DIRECTORY OF LITHUANIAN RESOURCES at Selected Libraries, Archives, and Museums in the United States 1 This Directory consists of descriptions of Lithuanian materials at 82 libraries, archives, and museums in the United States.

Lithuanian historical maps: periods, methods, accuracy and ...

[253] e-Perimetron , Vol.1, No. 4, Autumn 2006 [253-261] www.e-perimetron.org | ISSN 1790-3769 Algimantas Cesnulevicius ∗, Giedre Beconyte ∗∗ Lithuanian historical maps: periods, methods, accuracy and perspectives Keywords : historical, maps, cartography, cartographic heritage, geographic ...


A new programme was developed within the framework of the Lithuanian Environmental Strategy, adopted by the Parliament in 1996. The effective implementation of this Strategy Action Programme requires good coordination and feed-back between all involved state, municipal and non-governmental organizations.

Biology studies in Lithuanian Universities Rimantas Rakauskas ...

Biology studies in Lithuanian Universities Rimantas Rakauskas Department of Zoology of the Vilnius University, _iurlionio 21/27 Vilnius, LT 2009 Lithuania Four universities are providing biological study programs in Lithuania: Vilnius university, Vilnius pedagogical university, Vytautas Magnus ...