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Threats and Conservation of Liverworts in India: An Overview

The present communication attempts to highlight the causes of loss in liverwort diversity as well as their in situ and ex situ conservation measures to save this fascinating yet less understood wealth of nature.

Mosses, Liverworts and Ferns

Sphagnum Species: magellanicum and/or papillosum Genus: Sphagnum Family: Sphagnaceae Order: Sphagnales Class: Bryopsida (Musci) Phylum: Bryophyta Kingdom: Plantae Leafy Liverwort Species: trilopata Genus: Bazzania Family: Lepidoziaceae Order: Jungermanniales Class: Hepaticae Phylum: Bryophyta Kingdom: Plantae ...

Life Cycle

LiToL: Assembling the Liverwort Tree of Life. Our goal is to build a phylogenetic tree of liverworts, including at least one species of every genus.

Liverwort Control in Propagation: Challenges and Opportunities©

Liverwort Control in Propagation: Challenges and Opportunities © James Altland, Richard Regan, and Adam Newby North Willamette Research & Extension Center, Oregon State University, Aurora, Oregon 97002 INTRODUCTION The primary limitation for weed control in propagation is lack of chemical options.

Evolutionary relationships of liverworts with a special focus ...

compositional bias in the liverwort sequences. However, many studies have reached different conclusions, with hornworts being the sister-group to all the

Lichens, Liverworts, and Mosses

Lichens, Liverworts, and Mosses 1. Know the life cycle of a moss, lichen, or liverwort. 2. What are lichens? 3. Name at least two ways lichens have been of value to man.


According to the check-list of liverworts and hornworts of Southeast Europe (Sabovljević and Natcheva, 2006), most countries have more liverwort species than Montenegro (Romania-193, Bulgaria-167, Slovenia-165, Croatia-155, Greece incl. Crete-140).

Species richness and range restricted species of liverworts ...

The more range restricted a liverwort species is in Europe the more it tends to be an oceanic species. Great Britain and France have most range restricted species but Portugal and the Macaronesian Islands have a larger proportion of liverwort species with small distribution ranges.

Listed mosses and liverworts

Adjacent SRank/Status: WI:S2/SC; IA:-; SD:-; ND:-; MB:SNR; ON:S5 Frullania selwyniana a species of liverwort --T After not having been collected in MN in over 60 yrs, extensive surveys in 2001 found this rare liverwort at a single humid, cedar/ash swamp in Lake Co.; restricted to the bark of white cedar.

The Liverwort Flora of Antarctica (2000)

The Liverwort Flora of Antarctica (2000) The Liverwort Flora of Antarctica by Halina Bednarek-Ochyra, Jiri Vana, Ryszard Ochyra and Ronald I. Lewis Smith, 2000, 24x17 cm, XI + 236 pages with 96 figures including photographs, illustrations and distribution maps.