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LIZARDS OF NEW JERSEY Northern Fence Lizard ( Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus ) Identification: 4" - 7 1/4". The fence lizard is the only spiny lizard in our area.

Long-tailed Grass Lizard

© 2004, PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. All rights reserved . (0315) 1 of 2 Long-tailed grass lizards are from the forests of Southeast Asia. They have greenish-brown bodies with white-bordered brown stripes, and tails that are often longer than their bodies.

Tegu Lizard

Sources Monitors, Tegus, and Related Lizards by Richard D. Bartlett The General Care and Maintenance of Popular Monitors & Tegus by Michael Balsai Note: The information on this Care Sheet is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Skinks and Lizards

nent with the exception of Antarctica. Over 1,200 species occur worldwide; three species are found in Pennsylvania. Skinks and Lizards

Ecol 483/583 - Herpetology Lab 6: Reptile Diversity 1: Lizards

Ecol 483/583 - Lab 6: Lizards 2010 1 Ecol 483/583 - Herpetology Lab 6: Reptile Diversity 1: Lizards Spring 2010 P.J. Bergmann & S. Foldi (Modified from Bonine & Foldi 2008; Bonine, Smith & Stitt 2003; Edwards 2002; Prival 2000) Lab objectives The objectives of today's lab are to: 1.

Cool Facts - Lizards

Lakeside Nature Center 4701 E Gregory, KCMO 64132 816-513-8960 www.lakesidenatu recenter.org Cool Facts - Lizards Lizards are found everywhere on earth except the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Reptilia 3 The Lepidosaurs: Tuatara, Lizards, and Snakes

Lepidosaurs •Largest group of nonavian (not a bird) reptiles •Approximately 5800 species of lizards, snakes, and tuaturas •Primarily terrestrial tetrapods, with some secondarily aquatic species, especially among snakes •Scale-covered skin that is relatively impermeable to water; outer ...

Title of Project: Distribution of the Collared Lizard ...

Title of Project: Distribution of the Collared Lizard, Crotophytus collaris, in the Arkansas River Valley and Ouachita Mountains Project Summary: This project will seek to monitor the status of Collared Lizards across the Arkansas River Valley and Ouachita Mountains.


Identification Telling the northern fence lizard apart from the skinks is easy. Fence lizards have scales with ridges, or keels, which give them a very rough, scaly, dry appearance.

Fence Lizard

Such structures are favored habitats for these quick and agile climbers, which are sometimes referred to by such names as "fence swifts," "pine swifts" or "wood lizards."