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On Worthwhile Icons: Reply to Di Lollo and Haber

OBSERVATIONS 385 that we do). In his present commentary, Haber remarks further that 100 ms of additional physical exposure duration wouldn't help very much in everyday perception whether the I00 ms resulted from the stimulus itself or from an icon.

S.Bini, A.Clozza, P.Chimenti, V.Chimenti, R. DiRaddo, V.Lollo ...

SPARC-RF-07/004 June 11, 2007 Status report on SALAF technical activity on vacuum brazing on X-band linear accelerating structures and RF deflector of the SPARC project at

Competition for Consciousness Among Visual Events: The ...

JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY: GENERAL 2000, Vol. 129, No. 4, 481-507 481 Competition for Consciousness Among Visual Events: The Psychophysics of Reentrant Visual Processes Vincent Di Lollo and James T. Enns University of British Columbia Ronald A. Rensink Nissan Research & Development, Inc ...

Unmasking the Attentional Blink

However, recent work has poseda fundamental challenge to this line of reasoning by demonstrating that observers can in fact accurately report several target items provided that these items occur indirect succession, that is, without interveningdistractors (Di Lollo, Kawahara, Shahab Ghorashi, &Enns, 2005).

Letter from the Karl Barth-Archives

Karl Barth-Archiv December 10, 2009 - No. 11 Letter from the Karl Barth-Archives Lollo Closer Up First impressions of the Barth – von Kirschbaum correspondence Suzanne Selinger Drew University This first volume (one more is planned) of the Karl Barth – Charlotte von Kirschbaum Briefwechsel ...


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Scene perception: what we can learn from visual

Consistent with the integration occurring during pattern masking, observers can readily perform this task when the two images appear successively at the same location in space and are projected to the same retinal position (i.e., when observers are fixating; Di Lollo, 1980).

Cortical dynamics of visual persistence and temporal integration

by Dixon and Di Lollo should show no variation in per formance as a function of spatial separation, while the BCS model suggests that the effects of trailing display


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Four-dot masking produces the attentional blink R. Dell ...

Di Lollo, V., Enns, J. T., &Rensink, R. A. (2000). Competition for consciousness among visual events: The psychophysics of reentrant visual processes.