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Myths of LonWorks

Building owners and facility managers have long awaited the means to break the proprietary lock of the building control manufacturers. BACnet and LonWorks are two protocols that are competing to be the key that unlocks the lock.


LonWorks LonWorks Integration Guide Integration Guide CARRIER CORPORATION ©2010 A member of the United Technologies Corporation family · Stock symbol UTX · Catalog No. 11-808-401-01 · 4/21/2010

LonWorks Products Price List FY2010_V3

LonWorks Products Price List FY2010_V3 Product Ref. Description Price (Euro) Comments Price per unit excluding VAT and shipping cost subject to change without notice prices in Euro except where otherwise noted Page 3 19-03-2010 Release 3.1/3.2 LonMaker Professional Edition 37000-32 LonMaker ...

White Paper: BACnet vs. Lon-The War is Over

Any LonTalk-based device is a LonWorks device. All LonWorks devices use the Neuron chip, which Echelon owns. On the other side is the BACnet standard protocol, conceived, developed and maintained by a consortium of industry stakeholders in partnership with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating ...

LonWorks Host Appliction Programmers Guide rev2.0

Preface This guide describes how to create LONWORKS~~ host applications. Host applications are application programs running on hosts other than NEURON@ CHIPS that use the LONTALKTM protocol to communicate with nodes on a LONWORKS network.

LonWorks Open Systems

2 Open Systems Defined z Open building systems are created using the products and systems from multiple vendors that in the end offer greater flexibility, easier management, higher levels of scalability, and lower life cycle costs. z Open Systems should deliver - Greater choices in vendors and ...

Introduction to the LonWorks Platform

Introduction 6 Overview Across a broad range of products and systems—from factory automation systems to building controls to embedded machine controls to consumer electronics—there is a trend away from centralized control systems.

LonWorks – open communication using open networks systems

0262 1762/08 © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved WORLD PUMPS April 2008 30 feature system monitoring LonWorks – open communication

LonWorks Nodes

LonWorks Nodes & Interfaces designed to accept a variety of control signals, process the data, and transmit a variety of signals, all monitored from a LonWorks network.

LonWorks - Program ID Calculation

FieldServer Technologies , 1991 Tarob Court, Milpitas, CA 95035 USA Tel: 408-262-2299, Fax: 408-262-9042 Toll-Free: 888-509-1970 Email : sales@fieldserver.com Website: www.fieldserver.com ENOTE 031 LonWorks - Program ID Calculation Network management tools use the Program ID ...