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Numoisyn Lozenges

To obtain optimal effect, move the lozenge around in the mouth. Repeat as necessary. Do not exceed 16 lozenges in 24 hours. Side Effects: Excessive consumption can cause minor digestive problems.

Efficacy of a Nicotine Lozenge for Smoking Cessation - Results

Efficacy of a Nicotine Lozenge for Smoking Cessation Saul Shiffman, PhD; Carolyn M. Dresler, MD; Peter Hajek, PhD; Simon J. A. Gilburt, PhD; Darren A. Targett, MSc; Kenneth R. Strahs, PhD


Microsoft Word - 090733 Nicotine Lozenge Cherry and Cinnamon approval.doc

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Each lozenge contains 15mg of sodium, which should be taken into account by those who are on low sodium diet. Using NicabateCQ Lozenges One lozenge should be placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve to be effective.

Using the Nicotine Lozenge (Commit)®

Nicotine lozenges help smokers slowly get off nicotine. They are sugar-free. Used the right way, they give you a steady stream of nicotine. This may help you feel better during your first weeks of quitting smoking.

Littmus Lozenges: Sweet & Sorrowful

On the lines inside each person's lozenge, write what made that person feel melancholy or sorrowful. Draw arrows between lozenges and write on the lines of the arrow what that character did to make the other character's life a little sweeter.

Zinc lozenges as cure for the common cold – A review and ...

Zinc lozenge side effects Zinc lozenge short-term use without magnesium is believed harmless [46] . Side effects have always been minor, and included taste disturbances (zinc gluconate mainly), and less frequently nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia and diarrhea.


New Zealand Consumer Medicine Information FUNGILIN ® Lozenges Amphotericin B, 10 mg/Lozenge What is in this leaflet Read this leaflet carefully before taking Fungilin Lozenges.

Clotrimazole Lozenge (Clotrimazole Troche)

2200403 N N C Cl Clotrimazole Lozenge (Clotrimazole Troche) FOR TOPICAL ORAL ADMINISTRATION DESCRIPTION Each clotrimazole lozenge contains 10 mg clotrimazole [1-(o-chloro-a, a-diphenylbenzyl) imidazole], a synthetic antifungal agent, for topical use in the mouth.