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Hot Spot Deadly Trolling Techniques Booklet v.2

This table provides an overall guide: For Chinook (Kings or Spring) Salmon, Lake Trout For Chinook (Kings or Spring) Salmon, Lake Trout (Mackinaw) and Halibut (Mackinaw) and Halibut Tail Length Tail Length Hoochies Bait or Lures Original 11" 36"-50" 42"-72" Mini 8" 26"-36" 26"-48" For Coho or Silver Salmon ...

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Walleye Spoons, Crawler Harness Blades, Salmon Spoons, Casting Spoons, Dodgers, Downrigger Weights, Walker Repair Center, Trolling Flies and Planer Boards.

Take Me Fishing | Artificial Lures

Artificial Lures Jigs and Spoons Plastic Baits and Plugs Spinners, Spinnerbaits, Poppers and Flies Artificial or imitation lures are the name given to spinners, jigs, poppers, flies, and spoons.

Create a Hawaiian Tako Lure

HCPS III Benchmarks SC.1.1.2 SC.1.2.1 Duration 45 minutes - 1 hour Source Material PRISM Vocabulary Fiber Husk Leho (cowry snails) Lure Resource Tako (octopus) Create a Hawaiian Tako Lure Summary Students listen to a story about the making of the octopus lures using materials from the rocky shore in old Hawaii.

"New" Drop Zone 

That is the scenario the new Drop Zone Drop Shot Worm from Phoenix Lures was specifically designed for. Conquering those ultra-tough fishing times when it seems the only bass around are on your TV set!

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Thomas Spinning Lures, Inc.® 316 Wayne Avenue • Hawley • Pennsylvania • 18428 1-800-724-6768 • FAX 570.226.8518 Email: info@thomaslures.com www.thomaslures. com © THOMAS SPINNING LURES INC. 2011 AZA New For This Year ...Pink Bubble Gum, Hot Flash Pink, Hot Flash Yellow, Sunrise/Copper ...

#18 Tackle Care/Accessories

Lures painted with Glo finishes should be kept either in small, lightweight models which will carry a dozen or so assorted lures, all the way to models that handle dozens of lures in dozens of compartments.


Made in Manitoba Fishing Lures 41 RAIN-BO LURES Lloyd Ansley (1915-1982) 218 Victoria Avenue Brandon, Manitoba The Production Process Most Rain-Bo lures started with a one inch diameter clear pine dowel on a lathe.

sw 439 Making Artificial Lures

WILDLIFE PROJECT Making Artificial Lures August 2001 SW 439 INTRODUCTION If you like to fish, chances are that you use worms, minnows, grasshoppers, frogs and other natural bait.

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Their shape and weight allow anglers to cast these lures a little farther than many other prop-baits, allowing them to reach those special fish-holding spots quicker and easier.