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St. Augustine by-the-sea

6:30 a.m. Mass—S/I Fr. Lane, Fr. Lusius and all Father’s Day Spiritual Bou-quets; R/S Thelma Ah Choy 8 a.m. Mass—S/I Douglas Reyes and Fr. Lane, Fr. Lusius and all ...

Revolts in Judaea and Diaspora (66–135 CE)

up against Trajan Lusius Quietus, general in Mesopotamia made governor of Judaea  Punitive  Possible “spillover” in Judaea as well? (The “War of Qitos” in ...

Report to the Regents

grant from the Lusius and Eva Eastman Fund to create a ceramics program at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. ■ Peter Westfall, Horn


Pediment and frieze of tomb monument of C. Lusius Storax, Chieti, mid 1 st c AD: frieze has ten pairs


Doolittle Lusius Ordway John Gilman Jeremiah Osborn Isaac Goodell Titus Osgood Thomas Hammond Elijah Petterson Andrew Harmon Elijah Plummer David

Generation No. 1

Lusius E'Luke" McClellen, born Jul-6-1876 in Cliffton Hill, Randolph, Mo, Usa; died Sep-9-1937 in ,Lincoln, Nebraska, Usa. Notes for Lusius E'Luke" McClellen:

Balder History by James and Alberta Balder

He married (1) Mary Lusius Abt. 1880. She was born 1855, and died Abt. 1900. He married (2) Mary Kampa Abt. 1900. She was born 1880 in MN, and died 1932 in MN.


Lusius Fox lived here for some time before he sold it in 1866. This house was apparently built and occupied by Rev. Winslow Packard, first settling

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Tomb of Lusius Storax, 60 Ciancio Rossetto, Paola, 96, 110 , 112 Cicero, 114 , 274n.126 Clarke, John R., 129–31 , 144, 164–6, 172, 173 Claudius, emperor, 116 , 186

Brunton Wireworks, Inveresk Archaeological excavation: Data ...

financial official, the procurator Quintus Lusius Sabinianus, who dedicated at least two altars at Inveresk, one of them to Apollo Grannus (Hassall & Tomlin 1977).