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Dey-Engley Neutralizing Broth

HiMedia Laboratories Technical Data 1 Dey-Engley Neutralizing Broth M1062 Dey-Engley Neutralizing Broth is used in disinfectant testing where neutralization of the antiseptics and disinfectants is important for determining its bactericidal activity.

Defense Energy Support Center

The 40th Transportation Company has the ability to perform multiple combat missions and supports the capabilities of the M1070 Heavy Equipment Transportation System, the M1074 Palletized Loading System, the M915 Medium Truck, the M1062 7,500-gallon Fuel Tanker, the M872 40-ft Trailer, the M1117 Armored ...

PWTB 200-1-25 Fuel Tanker Purging Facilities - Lessons Learned

The fuel tanks range in capacity from a 525-gallon (gal) fuel pod to a 7,500-gal M1062 semi-trailer tanker. The larger tanks can take hours to fill with conventional hoses at a washrack.


TM 9-2330-384-14&P OPERATOR'S, UNIT, DIRECT SUPPORT AND GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENANCE MANUAL INCLUDING REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LISTS FOR SEMITRAILER, TANK, FUEL, 7500 GALLON, (2330-01-275-7475) Fruehauf Corporation Liquid and Bulk Tank Division Contract No. DAAE07-87-C-J061 M1062 Approved ...


... 4-wheel M313 136 M348A2 Semitrailer, van: composite, 6-ton, 2-wheel, M348A2 137 M447, M447C Semitrailer, van: expansible, 6-ton, and M749 4-wheel M447, M447C, M749 138 M129A2C Semitrailer, van: supply, 12-ton, 4-wheel M129A2C 139 M131A5C Semitrailer, tanker: fuel servicing, 5000-gallon, 4-wheel, M131A5C 140 M1062 ...


... M373A2/M332/M313/M750 2530-01-506-5910 2610-00-262-8677 9.00-20 M35A3 2530-01-506-5915 2610-01-397-6976 14.50R20 TRAILERS M1076 PLS Trailer 2530-01-500-4991 2610-01-357-8333 15.50/80R20 M860A1 Trailer (Patriot) 2530-01-506-7315 2610-01-500-4505 445/65R22.5 M870A1 Trailer 2530-01-506-7646 2610-01-325-1934 10.00R15 M1062 ...


2 Khaki Clothing [m1062] 3 Dk Brown Hair [m1059] 4 Dk Red Feathers [m1181] 5 Gold Feathers [m1225] 6 White Headbands [m1001] 7 Dk Red Shoes [m1181]

Wireless USB to VGA Kit

GUW2015VKIT-M1062.indd ... 5 Important Information Before you get started, please NOTE: Do not place Wireless USB devices under direct sunlight or near high heat emitting ...

Certificate of Compliance Assurance Under the CPSIA

... 505-7, 505-11, 511, 508, 538, 529, 540, a203, a301, 704, 711, 719, 706, 707, 721, 722, 723, 724, 881, 801, 817, 827, 806, 800, 802, 804, 840, h203, h301, a519, a520, a500, a204, a205, a207, a240, a305, a301, a304, a511, a513, a512, 181, m1510, m1529, m1528, m1522, m15100, m1504, m1060, m1061, m1062) 2.

Certificate of Compliance Assurance Under the CPSIA

(Style numbers: M1510, M1529, M1528, M1522, M1500, M1504, M1060, M1061, M1062, M1186) 2. Citation to CPSA Product Safety Regulations: 16CFR1303-(Lead Content), 16CFR1610-(37) D-Flammability Requirements 3.