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Roadside Mailboxes – 4325 Installation Instructions

Roadside Mailboxes – 4325 Installation Instructions U.S.P.S. APPROVED. Thank you for selecting Salsbury’s 4325 aluminum roadside mailbox. We are confident that the quality and construction of this product will provide

Vertical Mailboxes – 3500 Series

SALSBURY INDUSTRIES 1010 East 62 nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90001-1598 Ph: 1-800-624-5269 Int'l Ph: 323-846-6700 Fx: 1-800-624-5299 Int'l Fx: 323-846-6800 ...

GGD-97-85 U.S. Postal Service: Information About Restrictions ...

Table 3: Views of Eight Foreign Postal Administrations Regarding Possible Problems Related to Lack of Exclusive Access to Mailboxes In your opinion, does the postal administration's lack of exclusive access to mailboxes cause or contribute to any of the following?


USPS-STD-7B February 8, 2001 Supersedes Rev A Dated December 17, 1992 U.S. POSTAL SERVICE STANDARD MAILBOXES, CURBSIDE 1. SCOPE AND CLASSIFICATION 1.1 Scope - This standard covers all curbside mailboxes.

Section 10552 - Mailboxes

10 55 00-1 SECTION 10 55 00 MAILBOXES PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SECTION INCLUDES A. Front-loading interior mailboxes. B. Rear-loading interior mailboxes. C.

Postal Bulletin 22258 - May 9, 2009

66 postal bulletin 22258 (5-7-09) Organization Information SALSBURY INDUSTRIES 1010 EAST 62ND ST LOS ANGELES CA 90001-1598 www.mailboxes.com 4850 (Contemporary) 4855 (Contemporary) 4325 (Locking) 4350 (Locking) 4375 (Locking) 4550 (Locking) SECURITY MANUFACTURING 815 S MAIN ST GRAPEVINE TX 76051-5535 www ...


[MN-45] MAILBOXES Contact U.S. Postal Service local postmaster for current regulations for the installation of mailboxes. The Joint Secondary Roads/Maintenance and Equipment Committee voted in May of 1990 to emphasize that no mailbox structures be allowed to exist on new road additions.

2BGlobal : USPS Collection

The sender can deposit it through the delivery flap, leaving all mail already in the box totally secure. 2BGLOBAL mailboxes deliver more than just mail, they also provide access to convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind. 29 DELIVERY FLAP SECURE LIMITED ACCESS TO TENANT COMPARTMENTS Unlock the latch for ...

Mailboxes in Roadway Right of Way

mailboxes in roadway right of way G5.1 2001 Since mailboxes are normally located within the "clear zone" (defined in "Sign Posts and Supports" [C14]) of the traveled way, crashworthy characteristics of mailboxes and supports are a concern.

Postal Bulletin 22258 - May 9, 2009

Mailboxes that meet these five important requirements help delivery and collection operations and improve service to the entire route. There are three approved styles of curbside mailboxes: 1.