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SPECIES LIST: MAMMALS WICHITA MOUNTAINS WILDLIFE REFUGE ORDER DIDELPHIMORPHIA Family Didelphidae (Opossums and allies) Opossum ( Didelphis virginiana )—Common ORDER INSECTIVORA Family Soricidae (Shrews) Shorttail Shrew ( Blarina brevicauda )—Common; venomous, but not deadly to humans Least ...

Hall of Mammals Teacher’s Guide - The Kenneth E. Behring Family

• Definition—What is a mammal? The uniquely shared characteristics of mammals—hair, milk producing glands, and three middle ear bones— define the group.

The Science Teacher

The Science Teacher July/August 2005, p. 24-29 Feature The Marine Mammal Brain Game Melissa Demetrikopoulos, Lee G. Morris, Archibald J. Fobbs Jr., John I. Johnson Dolphins, manatees, and sea lions are all aquatic mammals but are not closely related taxonomically.


guide unit one • lesson one what makes a mammal a mammal? white-tailed deer grade levels: 4 - 6 correlation to illinois learning standards:

Chapter 9 Alien Mammals of Europe

120 P. Genovesi et al. 9.2 Description of the Mammal Inventory For the DAISIE mammal inventory we only took into consideration invasions that occurred since 1500.

Adaptations of Small Mammals

FOR MORE INFORMATION To learn more about individual mammal species see the following website for the species accounts of many mammals in the Journal of Mammalogy: ...

The 19 Orders of Mammals

Order Tubulidentata (aardvarks) Another mammal in an order by itself is Family Orycteropodidae 3/11/06 Sheryn Olson ...

Common Marine Mammals of southern California

"Transients" which are mammal-eaters and form small groups. 3. "Offshores" which have smaller bodies, larger schools and unknown diets. Image on Right: dorsal fi n of male Orca .

Mammal Adaptation Game

Mammal Adaptation Game Objective : Students will show in game activities how Ice Age mammals were adapted to their environment until the climate changed, and as this change was occurring, the animals had to move or adapt to survive.


Animal Care Resource Guide Husbandry Exhibitor Inspection Guide Marine Mammal Water Quality ANIMAL CARE 12 . 7 . 1 11/04 MARINE MAMMAL WATER QUALITY The water contained in primary enclosures housing marine mammals must be clean, uncontaminated and appropriate for the species of marine mammal ...