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Florida Manatee Fast Facts

Florida Manatee Fast Facts Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Sirenia Family: Trichechidae Genus: Trichechus Species: Manatus Subspecies: Latirostris Description: West Indian manatees are large, gray aquatic mammals with whale-like bodies that taper to a flat, paddle ...

Manatee Anatomy and Physiology

Manatees have lungs that run along their dorsal or back side of their bodies. This makes the manatee more prone to serious injury in the case of a boat strike.

The Florida Manatee

Manatees rest at the surface or on the bottom for many hours each day, surfacing only to breathe. While resting on the bottom, some manatees lie on their backs.

Manatees: Cows of the Sea

Manatees: Cows of the sea By: Isabella Imagine you're in a boat floating on a river and something big and gray bobs up, it has a flat tail and two flippers.


16 11/2009 WEST INDIAN MANATEE (Trichechus manatus) PUERTO RICO STOCK (Antillean subspecies, Trichechus manatus manatus) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Caribbean Field Office, Boquerón, Puerto Rico STOCK DEFINITION AND GEOGRAPHIC RANGE Manatees belong to the Order Sirenia with two known families.

by Thomas J. OÕShea

So runs a legend from Mali in West Africa, echoing curiously the origins of manatees as mammals who left the land for a life in sea and river. Whereas myriad tales in native cultures from Africa to the Americas tell of manatees, only recently are the beasts yielding their secrets to scientiÞc ...

Standards-Based Activities (4th-5th Grades)

Provided by the Pelotes Island Nature Preserve, JEA & FPL Florida Manatees Standards-Based Activities (4 th-5 th Grades) 1) Reading 2) Writing 3) Math 4) Answer Page Designed by Erika Winn-Hill (Ruth Upson Elementary), and Kelley Weitzel (Pelotes Island Nature Preserve) Created at a Pelotes ...

Palm Beach County Manatee Aerial Surveys Final Report ...

Manatees aggregating at the Riviera Power Plant, 11 February 2010. Although the plant was not in operation, FPL was running temporary heaters designed and built specifically to provide warm water for manatees when during cold weather (photo J. Powell) Figure 4.

Sirenia Project: Manatee Ecology and Population Biology

Program Staff Lynn W. Lefebvre, Project Leader; Karen K. Ahlers; Cathy A. Beck; Robert K. Bonde; Susan M. Butler; Dean E. Easton; Howard I. Kochman; James P. Reid; Amy L. Teague Figure 1: Satellite telemetry locations of manatees Figure 1: Satellite telemetry locations of manatees Figure 1: Satellite ...

West Indian Manatee Trichechus manatus

Identify locations where fishing gearimpacts manatees and implement measures to mitigate impacts. In certain areas where commercial and recreational fishing is particularly heavy and/or where manatees tend to aggregate, interactions with fishing gear may be particularly common.