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Manifesta 9 is looking for a Hospitality Officer .

Manifesta 9 is looking for a Hospitality Officer . Tasks: The Hospitality Officer: ∞ Is the executing force for all tasks in the process of traveling and lodging for all guests, curators and artists of Manifesta 9; such as: o Booking of hotel rooms o Booking of flights, trains taxi's etc. o ...

MANIFESTA 9 Profile Business Manager

MANIFESTA 9 Profile Business Manager The Business Manager is the Financial and administrative backbone of the organization and forms together with the Director of Manifesta, the General Coordinator of Manifesta 9 and the IFM Biennial Coordinator the Management Team of Manifesta 9.

Manifesta 9 is looking for an Assistant to the

Manifesta 9 is looking for an Assistant to the Heritage department. The assistant is mainly responsible for the planning, coordination and realization of the International Symposium in September 2012.


MANIFESTA 9 OPEN CALL ART MEDIATORS Manifesta is the roving European Biennial of Contemporary Art that changes it location every two years. Manifesta purposely strives to keep its distance from what are often seen as the dominant centres of artistic production, instead seeking fresh and fertile ...

Thoracic Manifesta- tionsofBreast Cancer and Its Therapy1

EDUCATION EXHIBIT 1269 Thoracic Manifesta-tionsofBreast Cancer and Its Therapy 1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES FOR TEST 2 After reading this article and taking the test, the reader will be able to: * Describe the changes in chest wall anatomy after breast cancer surgery.

A Day without Feminism

If a woman goes under the knife to see if she has breast cancer, the surgeon won't wake her up to consult about her options before performing a Halsted mastectomy (a disfiguring radical procedure, in which the breast, the muscle wall, 8 | MANIFESTA and the nodes under the arm, right down to the bone ...

Madly in Love with ME™ The Manifesta

Copyright Christine Arylo 2008 www. madlyinlovewith me. com Christine. Arylo@Dare ToLiveYou. com 1 Madly in Love with ME™ The Manifesta We believe that every woman has the right to fall madly in love with herself.


David Driemeier2, Marcos JosØ Pereira Gomes3, ValØria Moojen3, Clarice Weiss Arns4, Guilherme Vogg5, Luciano Kessler5 e Ubirajara Maciel da Costa6


descent in urban areas have experienced in France. For more information on Belonging, contact Marion Vargaftig – marion@manifesta.org.uk

young women, feminism, and the future

After all, women's childbearing capacity is a national asset, and young, sexually active men often opt for freezing their sperm or undergoing a simple vasectomy to control their 318 MANIFESTA paternity.