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MAPUTO MAPUTO www.lonelyplanet.com MAPUTO •• History Maputo With its Mediterranean-style architecture, waterside setting and wide avenues lined by jacaranda and flame trees, Maputo is easily one of Africa's most attractive capitals.

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MAPUTO MozaMbique CiTieS aND CLiMaTe CHaNGe iNiTiaTiVe City Overview Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is located in the south of the country, and covers an area of 300 Km 2. in 1997, with a density of 3.700 Hab/Km 2, the city housed 45% of the total Mozambican urban population, 50% of which ...


1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Maputo Protocol is a classic Trojan Horse. It appears to be one thing — a gift to the African people — but is actually another thing which is far deadlier.

Cities in Climate Change initiative

Population: 1 million (2007) history: developed from a port built in 1787. Became Capital of mozambique on independence in 1975. economy: agriculture, Fishing, trade, and services governance: decentralized Role in Country: Capital, administrative, Commercial and educational Center maPUto ...


... the establishment of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights, the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights shall be seized with matters of interpretation arising from the application and implementation of this Protocol. Adopted by the 2 nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union Maputo ...


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Corruption Assessment – Mozambique

While there are a few brave journalists investigating public misdoings, their publications do not reach far beyond Maputo, and most Mozambicans have little or no access to independent media.

Conference on Challenge for Economic Growth and Job Creation ...

Conference on Challenge for Economic Growth and Job Creation; Press release; Maputo, February 9--11, 2011

Elephant/Human Conflict Around Maputo Elephant Reserve ...

Elephant/Human Conflict Around Maputo Elephant Reserve, Mozambique By Loki Osborn , Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge August 1998 Increased human demand for land has restricted the range of elephants in both Asia and Africa.

Port Maputo Handbook

Maputo Port Development Company SA Port Director's Building Port Maputo P.O. Box 2841 Maputo, Mozambique Tel: +258 21 313920 Fax: +258 21 313921 E-mail: info@portmaputo. com Website: www.portmaputo.com