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As an incentive to become licensed officers in the United States merchant marine, the Maritime Administration (MARAD), U.S. Department of Transportation provides a limited number of Student Incentive Payments to the State maritime academies to award to eligible entering students, called cadets.


A SALES SOLICITATION SUMMARY 1. INTRODUCTION Notice of the U.S. Maritime Administration's (MARAD) intent to issue a sales solicitation to offer vessels for purchase for dismantlement to qualified ship recycling facilities.

Guidelines for Maritime Security Training Course Providers

The Secretary of Transportation delegated the MTSA mandate to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the United States Merchant Marine Academy, which developed the required standards and curriculum and prepared a report to Congress.

Glossary of Shipping Terms

File required reports—bill of lading with MARAD. U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration Office of Cargo Preference Customer Outreach Tel: (800) 9US-FLAG [987-3524] (202) 366-4610 Fax: (202) 366-5522 Email: cargo.preference@marad.dot.gov

MARAD Ship Disposal Towing Requirements Where towing services ...

MARAD Ship Disposal Towing Requirements Where towing services are subcontracted activity: Whenever possible, towing subcontracts shall be awarded to towing companies whose towing vessels are either: a) inspected by the United States Coast Guard, b) classed by a Coast Guard reconized ...

Marad: roadmap for a fascist Kerala and India

2 Marad: roadmap for a fascist Kerala and India Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) in its Regional Coordination Committee (South Zone) meeting in Chennai on September 21 discussed the growing fascist mobilisation in Kerala and decided to investigate the Marad issue.


f. Waivers Required for Employment Ashore: Employment ashore may only be in a U.S. maritime-related industry, profession or marine science. A graduate may only accept such employment if a determination has been made by MARAD that no positions are available for you as a merchant marine officer on ...

Building an efficient, time-saving FEA-aligned infrastructure ...

Business overview Reporting to the U.S. DepartmentofTransportation (DOT), Maritime Administration (MARAD) isthe governmentagencymandated with strengthening U.S. maritime transportation systems—including infrastructure, industry, and labor—to meetthe economicand securityneedsofthe nation.


MARITIME ADMINISTRATION The Comprehensive MARAD Program MARAD's overall mission includes significant program activities funded from sources other than its annual appropriation.

Maritime & Admiralty Practice

BEIJING CHARLOTTE CHICAGO GENEVA HONG KONG LONDON LOS ANGELES MOSCOW NEW YORK NEWARK PARIS SAN FRANCISCO SHANGHAI WASHINGTON, D.C. www.winston.com Maritime & Admiralty Practice APRIL 2010 MARAD Seeks Project Applications for New Marine Highway Program The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD ...