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Interview with Research Fellow Maryam Mirzakhani

2008 11 Profile Interview with Research Fellow Maryam Mirzakhani What first drew you to mathematics? What are some of your earliest memories of mathematics?

Maryam (Waqaf): Challenging Nigerian Muslim Ummah

Alh. Sani Zangon Daura Maryam (Waqaf): Challenging Nigerian Muslim Ummah Surprise may be an understatement in my discovery. Shock may not give the true picture.

Curriculum Vitae Maryam Mirzakhani

Curriculum Vitae Maryam Mirzakhani General Information Born: May 1977, Tehran, Iran. Citizenship: Iranian Education Harvard University , Cambridge, Massachusetts.

By Abdur Raheem As-Saranbi

Allah (swt) begins this ayah by saying " And remember in the Book Maryam ". This is the first honor that Allah (swt) bestowed on Maryam (as). He (swt) willed for her to be remembered in His Book.

Bahá'u'lláh's Four Tablets to Maryam

OJBS: Online Journal of Bahá‟í Studies Volume 1 (2007) , 271-297 URL: http://www. ojbs.org ISSN 1177-8547 OJBS: Online Journal of Bahá‟í Studies 271 1 (2007) , 271-297 © 2007 Gloria Shahzadeh Bahá'u'lláh's Four Tablets to Maryam Lawh-i-Maryam, Maryama Isiy-i-Jan, Hurufat-i-'Ali'in and ...

Guide to the Maryam Jameelah Papers

The New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library Manuscripts and Archives Division Maryam Jameelah Papers 1945-2005 MssCol 1545 Manuscripts and Archives Division Staff April 2000 rev. 2005

Maryam Moghaddam-Matin

1 Maryam Moghaddam-Matin Personal Details Date of Birth: 28 th April 1972 Sex: Female Country of Birth: Iran Address (Work): Institute of Biotechnology and Tissue Engineering, Department of Biology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad ...

Maryam Shafahi

1 Curriculum Vitae Maryam Shafahi Maryam Shafahi 1114 Linden St., Apt. 201, Riverside, CA 92507 Cell: 951 660 2745 Email: maryam.shafahi@em ail.ucr.edu Website: http://www.me.ucr.edu/~mshafahi/ Education 2010 PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Riverside 2004 Master of Science ...


, Maryam; Anyalewechi, Ngozi 1, Odo, Eucheria 1; Ugwu 1, C. Theresa; J.L. Akpan 2; M.D. Gwotmut 3, and U.A. Osunkwo 1* 1 Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology , National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and

Maryam Keyhani, FW 2011

Maryam Keyhani's necklaces are self-titled works of art. No, literally: the Maryam Keyhani, FW 2011