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Bulletin of the Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia,

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643-050 Advances in Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 3 40000 Auth: B.E. Maryanoff C.A. Maryanoff Elsevier Science 155938798X1996 Pages: 188$105 ISBN:

Product Stability in Kinetically-Controlled Organic Reactions

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Conformationally Homogeneous Secondary Amines at Room Temperature

Axial-axial couplings in six-membered rings containing a nitrogen atom range from 9-13 Hz; see ref. 3 and (a) Maryanoff, B. E.; McComsey, D. F.; Inners, ...

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Wittig Reaction Using a Stabilized Phosphorus Ylid: An ...

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B. E. Maryanoff (USA) T. Patonay (Hungary) M. S. Platz (USA) D. I. Schuster (USA) I. Shinkai (USA) H. Vliegenthart (The Netherlands) H. Waldmann (Germany)

Samarium-Catalyzed Intramolecular Tishchenko Reduction of ...

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Hydrophobic Collapse in Multidomain Protein Folding

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