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Simple cold-weld sealing of noble-metal tubes

Materiqls Research Laboratory, The Pennsyluania State Uniuersity Uniuersity Park, Pennsyluania I 6802 Abstract A pinch-off device, normally used for pinching off vacuum ...

- Coal Identification

The solvation rate for the char is similar to that of the vitrain, the highest extraction rate occurring during the first 2 hours of irradiation for both materiqls.

The Technological Properties Of Brick Masonry In High Buildings

materiqls and the unavoidably eccentric application of the load in the press as well as in the structure itself decrease the buckling load. Thus all factors which ...


catalog illustrations, etc. showing the nature, kind, shape, color , dimensions, materiqls, and a copy of the survey with the location marked)


This initial fuel load plus other materiqls which may have become involved in the fire were sufficient to cause the ballroom to undergo flashover and produce a flame