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SHORT BIOGRAPHIES OF FAMOUS MATHEMATICIANS (a biased alphabetical list) Circa 1600-present http://www.allmath.com/biography.asp Abel, Niels Henrik [ahbel] (1802--29) Mathematician, born in Finnøy, Norway.

Hypatia and Her Mathematics

Deakin, M. A. B., "Hypatia the Mathematician", Monash University History of Mathematics Pamphlet 52 (1991). 2. Delambre, J. B. J., Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne 2 (New York: Johnson, 1965; reprint of an 1817 original), 317.

Famous Mathematicians

D. 370, Hypatia was the first documented female mathematician. She was the daughter ofTheon, a mathematician who taught at the school at the Alexandrine Library.

Thomas Jefferson – The Mathematician?

Thomas Jefferson – The Mathematician? When one hears the name “Thomas Jefferson,” many historical topics—such as the Declaration of Independence, the third president of the United States, and the founding fathers of

A Mathematician- Mathematics Educator Partnership to Teach ...

394 N OTICES OF THE AMS V OLUME 58, N UMBER 3 A Mathematician-Mathematics Educator Partnership to Teach Teachers Ruth M. Heaton and W. James Lewis T he mathematical preparation of teache rs is both a core problem in and a central solution to improving K-12 mathematics education nationwide ([1 ...

Activity#8: Mathematicians --- Old and New

Your report must include the following information: • a picture of your mathematician • information about the math contributions made by your mathematician • general information about your mathematician's life • date and place of birth, life-span • education and degrees earned • some ...

The World of Blind Mathematicians, Volume 49, Number 10

A sighted mathematician generally works by sitting around scribbling on paper: According to one legend, the maid of a famous mathematician, when asked what her employer did all day, reported that he wrote on pieces of paper, crumpled them up, and threw them into the wastebasket.

130 • perspective—autumn 2008 - F rench mathematician ...

130 • perspective—autumn 2008 . proving pythagoras Jennie Youngberg—Department of Mathematics . F rench mathematician henri poincaré said: “The mathematician does not study pure mathematics because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it and he delights in it because it is ...

II. Research Paper on Mathematician

Mathematics History Project I. List of mathematicians - 10 points The student is to prepare a list of mathematicians. Following the name of the mathematician, a sentence outlining the contributions to mathematics of the individual is to be included.

What do modern-day mathematicians study?

He is re g a rded by many as the gre a t e st mathematician and scientist of antiquity. David Harold Blackwell (1919- ) Game theory is a type of math used to study how groups of people interact.