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IQRRulefor Outliers

The Boxplot Purpose: a simple graphical device to display the overall shape of a distribution, including the outliers. 1. Calculate Q1, median, Q3 and the 1.5 IQR outlier limits.

Getting Started with L

Also, to change a character to the roman or boldface font, the control sequences\mathrm and \mathbfmustbeused (rather than \textrmand\textbf). The following example illustrates the use of boldface in mathematical formulae.

Unicode characters and corresponding LaTeX math mode commands

No. Text MathMacro Category Requirements Comments 003B1 α [na]\alpha mathalpha-literal =\mathrm{\alpha} (omlmathrm), =\alphaup (kpfontsmathdesign), =\upalpha (upgreek), alpha, greek 003B2 β [na]\beta mathalpha-literal =\mathrm{\beta} (omlmathrm), =\betaup (kpfontsmathdesign), =\upbeta (upgreek ...

Math fonts

The predenedmath alphabets are: Alphabet Description Example \mathnormal default abcX YZ \mathrm roman abcXYZ \mathbf bold roman abcXYZ \mathsf sans serif abcXYZ \mathit text italic ab cXYZ \mathtt typewriterabcXYZ \mathcal calligraphic XYZ Other math fonts are selected implicitly by T E Xforsymbols, with commands such as ...

XMathematical Symbols

Greek and Hebrew letters. L A T E XMathematical Symbols The more unusual symbols are not defined in base L A T E X (NFSS) and require \usepackage{amssymb} 1 Greek and Hebrew letters \alpha \kappa \psi z \digamma \Delta \Theta \beta \lambda \rho "\varepsilon\Gamma\Upsilon \chi µ\mu \sigma ...

1 Introduction - An Acronym Environment for L T E X2

If you really need it, use the optional argument of the sectioning commands. For example: \chapter[The water \texorpdfstring{$\mathrm{H_2O}$}{H2O}) ...]

X: Hyphens in Math Mode

However, size and font don'tchange with the surrounding math. $\mathit{non\mbox{-}unique}$ non-unique $\mbox{non-unique}$ non-unique $\mathrm{non\mbox{-}unique}$ non-unique $A_{\mathit{non\mbox{-}unique}}$A non - unique \boldmath$A_{\mbox{non-unique}}$A non-unique Good: defining a mathchar To obtain a proper ...


The Euler equation, which was used as an example earlier, can therefore also be typed as \begin{equation} \mathrm{e}^{\mathrm{i}\pi}+1=0 \label{eq:euler} \end{equation} •Geometric functions, e.g. exp, sin, cos, tan, etc. L A T E Xprovidesmacros \sin, \cos, \tan for these and similar functions.

An Introduction to the Basics of L

Fonts in mathematical environment •default$x\cdoty$—x·y •\mathbf{}—x·y •\mathrm{}—x·y •\mathbb{}—X·Y—use only for capital letters •\mathcal{}—X·Y—use only for capital letters •\mathfrak{}—X·Y 5.

The mhchem Bundle

O $\frac{1}{2}\,\mathrm{H}_2\mathrm{O}$ In addition, one has to care about the height of subscripts, as the following example shows (2 and 7 are not aligned properly).