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38 March-April 2005 z MILITARY REVIEW Montgomery McFate, J.D., Ph.D., is an American Association for the Advancement of Science Defense Policy Fellow at the Office of Naval Research, Arlington, Virginia.

The Military Utility of Understanding Adversary Culture

2 Our ethnocen-trism, biased assumptions, and mirror-imaging have had negative outcomes Montgomery McFate is a cultural anthropologist and a defense policy fellow at the Office of Naval Research working on an initiative to promote social science research in the national security area.


The report also reflects the work of the Institute's Initiative for Security Sector Governance and the practical experience of the author, Sean McFate, an assistant professor at National Defense University and a fellow at the New America Foundation.

The High Life - continued on page 13 A helicopter whisks the ...

beneath the helicopter, flight helps linemen use time more efficiently and lightens the job’s environmental footprint. Photos by Eric Wolfe and Ross McFate Wilson Construction

An Organizational Solution for DOD's Cultural Knowledge Needs

July-August 2005  MILITARY REVIEW 18 An Organizational Solution for DOD's Cultural Knowledge Needs Montgomery McFate, Ph.D., J.D., and Andrea Jackson O VER THE PAST few years, the need for cultural and social knowledge has been increasingly recognized within the armed services and legislative ...

Sean McFate

79 Military review  July-august 2007 Sean McFate Sean McFate is an expert in security sector reform, conflict analysis and prevention, and the security-development nexus.

Whittlesey Ceramic Types

Dragoo (1955: 1051 emphasized the occurrence of incising over cordmarking in McFate Incised but there seems to be complete gradation between such completely smoothed rims.

Overall, this panel focuses on eroding support for terrorist ...

She teaches at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and is widely published. Dr. McFate received a Distinguished Public Service Award from the Secretary of the Navy. 6.1 MoDErAtor'S SUMMAry Montgomery McFate

ustralia $2,000 Oregon Costa Rica $2,500 McFate Jason e Gara ...

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program Summer 2010 Awards Granted (as of 9.29.2010) Last Name First Name U.S. Institution Home State Study Abroad Countr y A ward Amoun t McFate Jason A ustin Peay State Universit y Uduebo Tennessee Canada $3,000 r Miriam Baylor Universit y Le Cam ...


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