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Multi Model 2 Sets buggy

Multi Model 2 Sets buggy

Torque amplifiers in Meccano

©2001-2004, Tim Robinson 1 Torque amplifiers in Meccano Tim Robinson I will discuss here experiences gained over a couple of decades of on and off work to construct a Differential Analyser in Meccano, capable of an accuracy approaching that of some of the original machines of the 1930's.

Meccano Bolt Sizes

1 "New" Meccano Bolt Size The Basics This story started with a newly acquired 1929 US Meccano No. 50 outfit. In examining the contents (which is another story!), I tried to fit the set screw from the 2" Pulley into the boss of a ¾" Flanged Wheel - and it did not fit!

Magnificent Meccano A design lesson that took the world by storm

The Voice of Professional Design www.design.org.au spark_ Spring 2007 No. 9 Worldwide following Invented by Liverpudlian Frank Hornby in 1901, Meccano was a toy modular construction system that became one of the most popular toys throughout the 20th Century, and still inspires great devotion today.

A Meccano Gear-Cutting Machine

Page1 of6 T. Edwards- April 2003 A Meccano Gear-Cutting Machine These constructional details were taken from an article in the March 1972 Meccano Magazine of a model by V. Vollenhoven of Eindhoven, Holland and scanned into computer by T. Edwards.

Allen Berman's fantastic dragline was built entirely from ...

0(&&$12*5(6725$7,21* 0(&&$12*5(6725$7,21* 0(&&$12*5(6725$7,21* 0(&&$12*5(6725$7,21*E\*$OOHQ*%HUPDQ When I built the SM4 Giant Block Setting Crane, shown at the NELMC last December, I was asked many times about my methods of Meccano restoration.

Meccano Explorer

1 Meccano Explorer by Neil Bedford I hope you don't mind my writing but I have been building a model of a Scammell Explorer complete with trailer and more than once I have used the Scammell Register's great website as a source of information.

Meccano Restoration

www.selmec.org.uk 1 Meccano Restoration By Allen Berman Downloaded from the South East London Meccano Club Website www.selmec.org.uk When I built the SM4 Giant Block Setting Crane, I was asked many times about my methods of Meccano restoration.

Leader's Notes

The Resource Meccano sponsors the Cub Scout ‘Creative Challenge’ badge. We have produced this resource in partnership with The Scout Association to help

Centenary Meccano Set 00+

The story behind this Meccano Set In 2007 I was trying to decide how to introduce my three year old grandson to Meccano. Give him a made-up crane?